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“A Voice in the Dark” video clip

Posted on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The video for “A Voice In The Dark,” directed by Ivan Colic and produced by Stanimir “Staca” Lukic, is now available for viewing below and on the Blind Guardian YouTube Channel.  It was shot in Belgrade, Serbia in early June 2010.

Hansi checks in about the finished product:

“The storyboard of the video is just an individual interpretation by the video producer in accordance to the lyrics of ‘A Voice In The Dark’ and the album cover.  Storyboard-wise, I think it is the perfect output of what art is supposed to be about: A constant inspiration to progression and new worlds.  We luckily did have the chance to visit the pyramids in Mexico when we played there in 1998. They, of course, have been my inspiration when I spoke to Felipe [Machado Franco, artist] about the album cover artwork and possible pyramids to be involved.  Due to that, they also were an inspiration for Ivan [Colic].  Our intention, of course, is to have some of the images [incorporated] into our live set.”

As far as the band’s personal beliefs on the meanings of events involving celestial bodies, Hansi clarifies:

“We personally do not believe that incredible things will happen during eclipses – usually.  Things like that can definitely and easily irritate your mind, though.  According to the Mayan calendar, we already have appointments on planet Earth for 2013.”

Enjoy the video clip for “A Voice in the Dark”.