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On the road and in your Face(book)

Posted on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

If you don’t check the Blind Guardian Facebook page regularly, maybe you should because Hansi has been posting from the road.  This is what he has been saying the last couple of days:

“Finally on the road, again. The bards in Tilburg have made that a very special night. Thanks a lot.”

“Deinze was great. But no time to rest: We are just ready for sound check in London. We cannot await to hear the London bards singing, tonight.”

“London audience absolutely rules. Thanks for an amazing show. Today we enjoy a nice hotel – every hotel is nice after three days in a Nightliner – various croissants and of course café au lait in Paris.”

“Crew starts setting up things for Paris. The band is still lazy.”

Also as each show finishes the set lists are being posted at, check it out.

And for all of you interested in geography, the road so far: