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Travelers at the Edge of Time debut

Posted on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Sponsored by Nuclear Blast USA, Decibel Magazine, Amoeba Music L.A. and Dean Guitars, the world’s first-ever film festival dedicated to heavy metal music will be taking place at the Downtown Independent Cinema in Los Angeles, California this March 31st through April 3rd, 2011.

Organizer and lifelong metalhead Samuel Douek shares an exciting addition to the Heavy Metal Film Festival’s inaugural line-up:

“We are proud to announce that Germany’s Blind Guardian have submitted a magical, one-of-a-kind, still-in-the-making film edited by Andreas Fiekers called ‘Travelers at the Edge of Time’ for a world premiere to debut exclusively at the Heavy Metal Film Festival in Downtown Los Angeles. The new film speaks to the band’s evolution and how it led them into the symphonic saga of their latest album, 2010’s Billboard Top 200-charting At The Edge Of Time. ‘Travelers at the Edge of Time’ will be screened at the HMFF’s special Closing Night event on Sunday at 9 p.m.”

Travelers at the Edge of Time (Editor: Andreas Fiekers) Germany 2011: This documentary follows Germany’s legendary Power Metal band Blind Guardian through an unfinished cycle of their remarkable career up to now. Showcasing an intimate insight throughout the massive amount of events the musicians had to face since Summer 2009, the film begins abruptly during the production for their breathtaking opus At The Edge Of Time when the band begins orchestra recordings at the Rudolfinum in Prague. During the fragile act of creating real music, Blind Guardian are suddenly confronted with the virtual reality of a computer game called Sacred 2. While tasting the sweetness of having accomplished one mission, another one immediately starts with dreary rehearsals in the “Twilight Hall” before the band heads off to spread their mystical message to thousands of enthusiastic bards on another world tour. We will meet an unmasked Hansi Kürsch, André Olbrich, Marcus Siepen, Frederik Ehmke, and their crew members through the many private on-the-road & behind-the-scenes encounters. Fans will witness Blind Guardian take part in their never-ending quest for perfection beyond the musical aspects when cameras follow the band onto different stages from the first indoor shows to subsequent outdoor shows on the “Sacred World and Songs Divine Tour.” Travelers At The Edge Of Time then takes on a new voyage when the group gets back to the studio and starts working on its lifetime project: the orchestral album. Both completion of this film project and the touring cycle for the latest album are not yet complete, proving only one thing: There is no real beginning, nor there is a real ending…

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