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Commonly the development of any band is judged by the means of their studio albums. But in case of Blind Guardian it's definitely worth it to cast a glance at the dimensions of the live activities in order to appraise the development of the musicians. And these have no peer, not only in Germany!

Already the first live shows of the quartet, which was founded in 1984, showed one thing: Blind Guardian has entertainment qualities, which quickly became a trademark.

Spontaneous acting builds a contrast to all the bands that try hard to deliver their studied ballet. Logically the first big tour took place shortly after the release of the debut album "BATTALIONS OF FEAR" (1988).

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"there's only one song", the line from "The Bard's Song", would not be on the album due to a fatal mistake by Kalle Trapp who forgot to open the vocal track in time. While listening to the whole album for the very first time the band did not recognize it
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