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Clobbering Time: Ben Grimm's Story Ah Tha Marvel Universe

#51 Post by Hansi Smurf » 05 Oct 2010 18:29

Deleted by further research.

Coming soon: "the World Famous Joe Thing Set!"
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Re: Comic Books

#52 Post by spamel » 05 Oct 2010 18:48

I thought the few Vagabond books I read were very good. it is all printed as it should be, otherwise the story plates would have to be flipped and everybody would end up left handed! This means you start at the back of the book and read forwards, but it doesn't take long to get used to and feels quite natural. the artwork is excellent and there is plenty of swishy sword action and typical Samurai type stories going on! Good, but expensive!
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Cosmic Cube Collection: Too Expensive!

#53 Post by Hansi Smurf » 13 Oct 2010 19:48

I just re-read some of, Fanastic Four 304-319 v.1, and, some of the Secret Wars II, published by Marvel Comics, mid-1980's and into the early 1990's: and boy oh boy! Defalco, Englehart and Big Jim Shooter, musta figured on me having Millions of Dollars for to buy Collector's Comics Back Issue's with, that's for sure! :?

I figured I could purchase the Secret Wars 1-3, AND NOT, be financially destroyed by it, unlike me wanting to purchase the rather expensive back-issues of the entire Marvel Star Wars - Man, wuz I ever wrong! :?

The Secret Wars 3, forces you to need to buy, Massive Amounts of Back Issue Comic Books, some costing, many thousands of dollars! Whatta disapointment! :?

Comic book buying? Caveat Emptor: "Let The Buyer Beware!" :?

On Guard, Canada!
On Guard, Bard!


Sieg Heil!

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The History of Marvel Comics

#54 Post by Hansi Smurf » 27 Oct 2010 21:30

Thruout the history of Marvel Comics, all of the writers all tow the same line: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko created all of those old Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men & Avengers based heroes and villains.

However, via reading Stan Lee's own autobiography (title absent from memory), Stan Lee let's out an IQ advancement, that to his own spirit, gap's all of his own disclosures, inside all of the previous histories, including his own.

Stan, Jack and Steve Ditko, were of course, hired-hands, working for a Jew named Marty Goodman, Stan Lee's own older-than cousin.

In his autobiography, Stan Lee reveals that Marty Goodman, was an verbally ejaculating genius, whom layed upon his office couch 8-12 hours a day, talking, talking and talking, while a secretary took short-hand dictation, and for 30 full years, and every day!

There's not that much to talk about in the American Publishing Game. I theorize that Marty Goodman himself, created all of the Marvel Comics Group Story Art & Editorial Policy, while perhaps just trying for some anonymous reason, for to appear a mere anonymous suit and tie guy!

Marty Goodman sold the rights to his company's characters and stories, for 30 Million Dollars, in 1968.

Nuff' Said.

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The Joe Thing Set

#55 Post by Hansi Smurf » 15 Nov 2010 20:25

I'm not sure if the Joe Thing Set'll end up having FF v.1 #'s 296 or 299 within the saga; I'm pretty sure it'll end with the Thing #23!

However, having researched FF#'s 296, 299, 300, I have this bit of intriguing and little reported soap-opera, for to report!

In FF 296, the 25th Anniversay Issue, the Thing is asked for to once more for to team up with his old partner, Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic! The Thing refuses, unless Mr. Fantastic agrees for to fess up, and admit that the Thing is the better man! Almost in tears, Reed chokes out a grudging: "allright, Thing, you are the better man!"

Once more, in FF 299, Johnny Storm, the Thing's other male partner in the Fantastic Four, well, Johnny, he wants the Thing tah forgive him for "stealing" Alicia, and for the Thing for to then stand up as his own best man at the wedding. Once more, the Thing agrees, but only if Johnny admits to all and sundry, that the Thing, IS, the better man! Johnny looks at the ground and spits out angrily: "Allright Thing, you are the better man!"

Ha ha ha ha! I really dug them two scenes, that's fer sure!

Also in FF 299, the fnords of the issue exclaim that it is obvious that The Thing has for himself a huge network of spies and informants, and that thus he knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man! Parker is outside the Thing's Baxter Building home-base, snapping photo's with the other paparrazzi, and the Thing just won't let Parker keep his secret anymore! The Thing uses his super-strength for to shove mightlily, an innocent by-stander, right towards Peter Parker, and then forcing Peter Parker, for to, in front of the whole World Media, he forces Parker for to reveal to all assembled, Peter Parker's own super-speed, reflexes, and strength: thus ending the little bugs little secret - once and for all! (Weird that Spidey'll still be seen for to have a still-secret identity in the still-relevant and still-connected cross-continuity of the Thing and Spidey's two different mags?!?)

Neat, huh kids? :D

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A Old Mag Named After The Forum's Top-Star!

#56 Post by Hansi Smurf » 25 Nov 2010 19:44

"Hansi, The Girl Who Loved The Swastika" - Spire Publishing 1973

"Hansi is a young German girl who becomes enamoured with Nazi literature and soon wins a position in a Youth Training School. As she leaves, her Mother reminds her, "..don't ever forget Jesus!" However, Hansi is soon swept up in the fervor and excitement of the Training Center. When the Third Reich falls, Hansi and her fellow students end up as Russian prisoners. Hansi manags to escape to West Germany, then under American occupation. Eventually, after marrying her school sweetheart, she moves to America. Nevertheless, Hansi and her husband, haunted by their former belifs and actions, are unhappy, until one day, they turn to the Bible. Hansi now inspires her students to love America, where Freedom reigns!

Cover Art - A high white-raced, youthful, blonde, blue-eyed girl, smiles brightly in the foreground, while all about her are bright, orange, black and white, swastika banners; Hitler's motorcade is pictured driving in the far background.

Near Mint Value: Approx. $28.00

(source: "Comic Buyer's Guide Standard Catalog of Comic Books", 4th Edition)

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Re: A Old Mag Named After The Forum's Top-Star!

#57 Post by spamel » 25 Nov 2010 19:47

Hansi Smurf wrote:"Hansi, The Girl Who Loved The Swastika" - Spire Publishing 1973

"Hansi is a young German girl who becomes enamoured with Nazi literature and soon wins a position in a Youth Training School. As she leaves, her Mother reminds her, "..don't ever forget Jesus!" However, Hansi is soon swept up in the fervor and excitement of the Training Center. When the Third Reich falls, Hansi and her fellow students end up as Russian prisoners. Hansi manags to escape to West Germany, then under American occupation. Eventually, after marrying her school sweetheart, she moves to America. Nevertheless, Hansi and her husband, haunted by their former belifs and actions, are unhappy, until one day, they turn to the Bible. Hansi now inspires her students to love America, where Freedom reigns!

Cover Art - A high white-raced, youthful, blonde, blue-eyed girl, smiles brightly in the foreground, while all about her are bright, orange, black and white, swastika banners; Hitler's motorcade is pictured driving in the far background.

Near Mint Value: Approx. $28.00

(source: "Comic Buyer's Guide Standard Catalog of Comic Books", 4th Edition)
I couldn't believe it , but it isn't an insane ramble for once! lol

My mother in law is a Balrog, and I'm telling you, she has wings!

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The Thing #'s 11-22 (1984)

#58 Post by Hansi Smurf » 10 Dec 2010 00:19

The Thing, Ben Grimm, literally bullies his way thru a post-Secret Wars "Battleworld", a world constructed from stolen bits of other planets and imbued with the power to make dreams become reality. Yes, this Ben Grimm fellow, literally bullies all of the planet's civilians, presumably on behalf of the United States, for to accept that none of the Secret Wars ever happened, and for to imagine themselves safe and secure back home!

Weirdly, the Thing keeps bullying everyone, while still inwardly accepting that the Secret Wars still did happen to him, so much so, that when he kills a "human version" of himself (the Thing is made of orange rocks), Grimm accepts that he has killed his human self forever, and is so convinced that when he finds his partner held out info on him that would have kept that from happening, that the Thing goes bonkers and attacks the Fantastic Four, in earnest!

Whatta bum!

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Re: Comic Books

#59 Post by ThePKH » 12 Jan 2011 15:41

I'm working on a comic book of my own called "Hansi Smurfette, the smurf who loved insane ramble".
I still am the terror that flaps in the night!

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Comic Books

#60 Post by Hansi Smurf » 24 Jan 2011 00:03

PKH, Man? That should read, "Hansi Smurf - The Grooviest One Alive!"

Tho really, I'm truly sick of being "Hansi Smurf", just sick of it! I wish the old forum ability for to change our aliases whenever we wanted to, would return! "Hard Rock Baker", Man, that's what I'd be re-titled in a world of True Freedom!

I've been "Comic Book Back Issue Collecting" since I last appeared here all those weeks ago! One more buying day, this Thursday, and who can forsee just how close to having the entire "Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars" era Marvel Mags, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men, and Hulk, I shall be? (The Benjamin J. Galactus Collection! That's what we'll call it!)

Technically, my very own original superhero cartoon characters now include, Crimefighter - a Batman style techno-vigilante, the Struggler - the Earth's Last Living Israelite, and Battlesuit - an armored champion whom duly rips off Iron Man's own Stark Iron process, but who is in fact, a 5'4" female from Winnipeg!

(As I compose this post, idiot-Bard, Pathfinder is struggling hard, with a very great hatred, for to cognitivley disrupt my writing process! Boy, am I ever glad that I discovered that ESP has been proven by the existance of Faraday Cages and Polygraph Equipment, huh? There'll be a fully illuminated killing of a great many criminal psychopaths, very soon, globally, mark my words, Humans! God Bless The Martians! "Huh? The Shittsburg Penguin has deceased? No Way! Right On! Thanks! I'm very happy, and I'm a Liberal Humanist!") Remember - a person's SLACK is a precious commodity, worth more money to them, than the value of all of the other lives, of all of the Other People, in existance today! Tread on me cognitively at your own risk, Pigs! And quit it with this "We Are All One Organism" Bullshit, PKH - It just ain't the facts! I am a Western Individual, Man!)

Y'know, insteada writing under a different topic, I'm gonna close this here post with some BLIND GUARDIAN lyric themes that I've been thinking of over these last few months, starting with the following, as inspired by BLIND GUARDIAN'S own, "Wait For An Answer"!

"There's no such thing as evil in the World says you, or you'll fall by the Death of Sin - You'll hit the ground like a Mad Crow, Joe: It's The Good Guys, Who Always Win!"

And this next one has appeared before, elsewhere, but this new version is modified slightly, and much, much more pleasing to the eye and the mind!

"Eat & Drink and Kill Keep Killing
Like the Sex & Drugs that the Will Keeps Willing
Knock a Fat Bitch Up, Cuz the Thrill Keeps Thrilling
Rest In Peace and Kill Keep Killing!"

When next "Hard Rock Baker" returns, he shall be aboard his very own computer!

"Kill, Keep Killing!"


PS: It's "The Fantastic Four's" 50th Anniversary this November 2011! Reserve your copy of the big anniversary issue at your local comic book store today! It's gonna be a walloper!

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Re: Comic Books

#61 Post by Insanity » 25 Jan 2011 19:44

I took a seminar on graphic novels and I really like Posy Simmonds's Tamara Drewe, David Mazzucchelli's Asterios Polyp, Jason Lutes's Berlin and Tomine's Shortcomings. Sorry, no real superheroes in those... :)

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Martian Science Manitoba Speaks!

#62 Post by Hansi Smurf » 07 Mar 2011 22:50


The Voice of Karate Master and His Own Dread Axis of the Open-Hand:

"Not just Martial Arts, but ALL ARTS, (the sensai tap's an inattentive student with cane) and especially, ALL ARTS, when found for to be in the possesion of, "definite critical peak", shall henceforth be called: "MAG FORM!"

"I myself have been having a magnificent time, gutterallizing and re-gutterallizing out "mag form!", whether it be for expressing approval for a body-building peak, a song-writing inspiration, or even for while simply re-appraising my very own, and fully-growing, "Marvel Super-Heroes Television Network" Comic Book Collection!" (so long to the Benjamin J. Galactus" Collection monicker, my karate, (and zero relation to any previous Marvel Super-Heroes Television, too! :mrgreen: ))

"BLIND GUARDIAN's last LP could not seriously be considered for to be in "mag-form"! Have all four of them placed iside the Axis Vegi-o-matic, and then turn the power switch to full "on", in completion!"

"... MAG FORM!"


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The Son Of The Human Torch II

#63 Post by Hansi Smurf » 24 Mar 2011 02:31


Boob (my mate) hast been converted into Marvel Comics Group Character, Cinderella Stark, the girl whom genetically inherited the ability for to photographically know everything that her parents Tony Stark and Bethany Cabe ever knew, and without ever having for to either grow or learn: and is now calling herself, Battlesuit, after having used a bio-organic Stark Iron Process, for to transform herself into a Cosmic Stature, whereby even her own innnards, all the way right down into the DNA Ultrastrand itself, are empowered by processes similar to Iron Man's own!

Meanwhile, Beeb (that's me!) hast become the biological son of Johnny Storm, and his brief, writer Doug Moench's Fantastic Four-era girl-friend, Lorrie!

The Son of the Human Torch: Rao, the Super-Man Killer, and/or, Stellerex, the Red Giant Man Aspect!
Stellerex, whom hast given up on "flaming off", and has thus given up on his human appearance! Now, in sub-space, an ethereal Red Giant surrounds Stellerex's man-sized body, giving him the strength of a star that would reach from our own Sun, all the way out into Jupiter's orbit!
Stellerex, whom can absorb whole solar systems of carbon into his Man Aspect, and then forcibly ejaulate at least 21 G1-type stellar detonation bursts daily, either into sub-space, or, violently outwards, towards either you, or I!

Imagine, just how like Ant-Man has the strength of his full-size man-hood when shrunken down to ant-size, imagine just how powerfully strong a man-sized body with the mass of an entire red-giant might well truly be, in either wrestling, and/or combat?

Worse, Stellerex has the super-positioning powers of the Game of Chess' own Queen piece, and so, Stellerex, is now fully capable for to exist in ANY super-position in Universe, and, manuvering in a fully upright posture!

Stellerex, the Red Giant Man Aspect, whom is also called Rao, the Super-Man Killer, versus the Cosmically Statured Biorganic Stark Iron Being called Battlesuit!

Sounds just like the kinda fight Andre Olbrich and his Wife get into when they get into one of THEIR rows! :D

Remember Tomorrow!


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Presenting: The Mighty Thor, by Marvel Comics !!!

#64 Post by Hansi Smurf » 09 Apr 2011 21:01

The Voice of the Ghost Of Hansi Smurf

Recently, "the Mighty Thor", Annual #11, published in the very early 80's, by Marvel Comics, came into my sphere of knowledge: and by Jesus, was it ever filled with a great deal of Revelation!

First, we were able for to re-discover, that the word "wyrd" is by no means copyrightable, it being an part of the Public Domain (see, Shakespeare, the Norse Edda's, et. al)!

So, despite my very real hatred for ALL workers, schoolers & punishers, I'd still like to see the lesser evil, the Harry Potter copy-protectors, I'd sure like to see them get there's back from Winnipeg's favorite "fag-band", the Wyrd Sisters: yeah, them infertile non-cunts - forced at last, for ta return all of the money they stole, and for to destroy the very evil precedent set by their still-evil accomplices, the Unamerican Justice System! ("The Weird Sisters" rock-band from the Potter films ARE irrelevant: entertainers must either make money entertaining people, or live in military prison camps, as is their robot way, all of 'em! George Lucas knows full well, that lightsabers, blasters, hyperspaces, religious knights, little talking bears: all of it, all of it, Public Domain Science Fiction Conceits: and he'd better start admiting our mutual traditonal laws, publically, or I'll hafta start Nationally Socializing his fucking goddamned fucking bank account, so fast, it'll make his fucking head spin! (and all of Hollywood & New York Entertaiment too!) Anyone can call their product BLIND GUARDIAN and not come under lawsuit attack - the Legitimate BLIND GUARDIAN, will always be safe on National Welfare, rather than having for to be reclassified, into, as yet, uncatalogued zoological specimens, instead of remaining Legally Recognized Human Beings With Feelings! Zoological Re-classification must be the fate of ALL future, intellectual property plaintiffs!)

So, the Wyrd Sisters are a rip-off of the three hags from Macbeth, and of the Norns at the base of Yggdrasil, the World Tree: and yet, the Wyrd Sisters and their Sect of fags and dykes, are now, very easily, observed as for to being discontinous in moral values, politically evasive, not of this world, or the next: unsound of flesh - check!

Whoo-whee! Let's get back to Thor Annual 11, shall we?

This single mag just might be in Hansi Kursch's own "need to read" file! From other issues (Thor 291-300), we know, that Odin is the only Real God in Marvel's Asgard, Odin being the only Asgardian for to survive a previous Twilight of the Gods! But here, in Annual 11, Odin leaves his Imaginary Odin-Powered Shangri-La, for Earth, where he wumbfullerers Jord (Gaea), and, once Thor is fully weaned, Odin returns with the lad to Asgard, where the imaginary Goddess Frigga, takes over, as, secret-mom!

The issue then really takes off, with a fairy-story quality to much of the artwork, working together with the telling of many various small fables of the growing godling, Thor: AND, including a story where Thor accidently leads Vikings on for to kill unarmed Christian Monks, and this causing Thor for to forsake the Earth for several centuries!

Two other stories fondly remembered and found within this Mighty Annual 11? The Origin of Thor's Hammer! And, the reason for Marvel's Goddess Sif, not having Gold Hair!

And just so you know, Germans? Marvel's Thor fought for Germany during Invaders V. 1 #'s 1-41, and, Mighty Thor 291-300 remains an pretty neat, but obscure account, of Wagner's own Sigfried and Brunnhilda, and the Mighty One Ring found therein!

Thor! The God Whom Loves Swastikas!

Or something!

Peace, Love & Emancipation: From Wyrd Sisters, Blind Guardians, George Lucas', and all of the other Non-Comps still being allowed by National Socialism, for to be seen posing as People! (The actions of the aforementioned MUST indicate the quality AND quantity, of the sensory information, for to be found filed, sorted AND cognated within, and by, their respective cerebal cortexes': vicious moles cognitively: all of them officially zoologically reclassified: sub-Men!)

Sieg Heil!

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Collecting Back Issue Marvel Comic Books

#65 Post by Hansi Smurf » 17 Apr 2011 22:56


Y'know, Mag Fans, I've been looking over the CBG Encyclopedia, here in the Public Domain, and I intuit that the following REPRINT Marvel Mag-Forms, are pretty plentiful, cost-effective, and tres-chique too: 60's ERA COMICS, REPRINTED IN THE 70's/80's !

Amazing Adventures 1-14 (Original Lee/Kirby X-Men)

Marvel Super Action 1-37 (mostly Avengers-related)

Marvel Super-Heroes v.2 #'s 32-105 (mostly Hulk)

Marvel Triple Action 1-47, Giant-Size 1,2 (mostly Avengers-based)

Marvel's Greatest Comics 23-96 (Fantastic Four, Previously "Marvel Collector's Item Classics)

Marvel Spectacular 1-19 (An unbelievable chique run of Thor by Jack "King" Kirby!)

Tales To Astonish v.2 #'s 1-14 (including a walloping Sub-Mariner vs. The Thing throwdown!)

Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandoes 120-167, plus reprints every second issue-only, #80 and up!)

Classic X-Men/X-Men Classic 1-110 (Technically 70's/80's mags: reprinting from Giant-Size X-Men #1 & X-Men 94-206! The original Giant-Size costs today, well over $1000.00 in M/NM!)

Fantasy Masterpieces v.2 1-18 (reprinting Silver Surfer & Adam Warlock! Again, the original Silver Surfer #1 costs over $1000.00 in M/NM condition!)

Marvel Tales ? - ??? (This mag published forever, and ever! In actual fact, the mag reprinted the same old Spider-Man's, over and over again! The 80's publishing schedule is most likely your best bet for to purchase, if interested!)

Personally speaking, I love the old 60's era at Marvel Publishing! All of the above old comics, in 1st print form, cost literally $65.00 minimum in collectible conditions! Meanwhile, these "same-as" 30 year old-plus back issues, are all ALMOST affordable: even to those of us well beneath the poverty line, myself included: costing, usually, a mere $5.00 each! And still all in original Mag-Form, Gentle Readers! Far Out!

And now, for BLIND GUARDIAN themselves: howsabout a Galactus Saga LP, from ya'll, yah "emotion-destroying Psych-meds" takers yah!? (* see the lack of emotionalism of BLIND GUARDIAN "Night Falls On Middle Earth", and "At the Edge of Time" vs. the emotionalism of BLIND GUARDIAN "A Night At The Opera", and, "A Twist Of The Myth (minus tracks 1-3)" for all of the very sonic proof, that psychiatrists ARE, "full of nothingness faggots!", ie, emotionally invalid socio-paths bereft of Western Science, AND, beneath too, the Very Race Called Man's Own Biological Authority!)

So, presented, here, now, is, the entire single issue checklist: very fun for to collect for every sci-fi saga fan of all ages!

The Galactus Saga starring: the Silver Surfer, and feat. Air-Walker, the Fire-Lord, Terrax the Tamer, and Nova, too!

Marvel's Greatest Comics 35, 36, 37, 42, 56-59, 66-69*

Fantastic Four 57-60, 72, (gee whiz! 57-60 & 72 sure could use a mag-form reprint! Why'd Marvel skip these pivotal issues during the Marvel's Greatest Comics run, I wonder?) 120-123, 155-157, 173-175, 210-213, 242-247, 258-262, King-Size 4, Annual 5, Annual 15

Iron Man 149-150*

Thor 160-162, 168, 169, 192, 193, 202, 225-227, 233, 246, 247, 305, 306

Amazing Spider-Man 269, 270, Annual 15

Avengers 116-118, 135, 157, 215, 216, Giant-Size 3

Captain Marvel 39

Defenders 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 24, 92, 98, 99, 100, 101, Giant-Size 1

Epic Illustrated 1, 27-36

X-Men 143-147 (or X-Men Classic 47-51: FF 258 tie-ins)

Silver Surfer v.2 #1

Doctor Strange v.2 2, 34

Hulk 102, 200, 250

Marvel Feature v.1 #1 (reprint anyone? This particular mag costs $1000.00 plus!)

Sub-Mariner v.1 34, 35

Tales To Astonish v.1 92, 93 (see any "Marvel Super-Heroes" Index for very much cheaper reprints)

Strange Tales 138 (feat. 1st appearance of Eternity. see FF 262 for reason of insertation!)

Marvel 2 In 1 60, 68 (w/ X-Men 145), Annual 6 (w/Dazzler)

The Thing 4 (FF 259 tie-in)

Fantasy Masterpieces v.2 1-18

Astonishing Tales 3 (FF 155-157 tie-in)

Super-Villain Team-Up Giant-Size #1

ROM Spaceknight 25-27

Dazzler 9, 10, 11

What If v.1 27, 32, 43

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars 1-12

* special Doc Doom kills Doc Hauptman "*see this issue" inserts, from FF #258!

I believe strongly that the only incompletes aboard the above list, would come from "* see this issue" points, from all of the various under-researched Defenders selections!

Collect At Your Own Risk! (However, Comic Mags ARE a form of "Jewish Money"; so if you did speculate upon them, you might be able for to make a MASSIVE return on your own investment, in literally 5 years or less; and if careful, you'll have excellent shitter material while you're waiting!)

(And for one final review today: Fantastic Four #72, starring the Silver Surfer, is, in my own far out & cosmically aware opinion, still, the SINGLE BEST ISSUE OF FANTASTIC FOUR, EVER PRODUCED, during it's ENTIRE, 50 year run of publishing! You might skip FF 57-60, each of 'em over $100.00: but, #72, is well worth the trouble!)

Free-Monogamous Sex, UnLimited Legitimate Babies, and, Total Surveillance, going out to you all! Peace!


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Making the same mistakes as others!

#66 Post by Hansi Smurf » 26 Apr 2011 20:27


At the mag-store that I frequent, Galaxy Comics on Henderson Highway, I've technically let on to 'em that the Comic Book Buyers Guide Encyclopedia, here at the Public Library, is really a load o' errors', in some many various ways!

No CBBG, Defenders #139, IS NOT the beginning of "Defenders" publishing as "New Defenders"!

The cover says otherwise, but Captain America's 255's Monthy Marvel Checklist also claims as does CBBG, that the issue is a Byrne-fest! Me? I dunno! Galaxy has every mag under the sun, and they took that particular issue off of my want list, man, while still selling me 247-254! My insight sayeth: "the issue is not John Byrne!"

Too, I also doubt that Byrne had anything ta do with Cap 238/239: it's not evident in the cover-art! Plus, I bought Cap Annual 5, and couldn't find a Frank Miller-esque pencil art, or art credit, anywhere! There sure are an awful lot of "Art By Frank Miller" quips too, and all upon many various mags that he seemingly had almost nothing to do with!

But now, in hindsight, I've commited the exact same sin, merely one post up!

Marvel Collector's Item Classics 1-22, are a HUGE investment! I'd never try and hook buyers upon such a MASSIVE cash cost: it just ain't my style! Too, I really, really under-researched "Marvel Tales starring: Spider-Man": certainly my original selections are reprinted under the same title, a decade later, and cost the buyer, far, far less!

Still, I'd stick up for the old 70's/80's mags, if I wuz me: while all the while still admitting that Brand New Comicbooks all cost a lot less money, AND, that they all possess way better coloring and embellishing; and too, admitting that the stories and art are PROBABLY(?) far more relevent to today's reader! (Personally, I doubt that though! Byrne, Shooter, Lee, et al. they all do tend for to generally write their mags in the mode of being two-fisted, fighting mates-for-life: something that I doubt I'd ever see from the Bendis' or the Morrisons, or the Loebs, huh pansies?)

However, Marvel Comics Group from FF Number 1 to Avengers Number 257? A damn fine saga, as good, or better than 'Lord of the Rings", and very, very deserving, for to be both Online In Mint Condition, and, for easy Public Domain Viewing, as far as I'm concerned! (end X-Men #186, end Spider-Man #261 plus Firelord 269/270, end the Thing #23, end FF #277, end Thor #352, 353 ? end Captain America ???)

(But Big Jim Shooter, Superstar John Byrne? Why not republish the whole darned thing in All Cover Stock Editions?)

Nuff Said'.
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Re: Comic Books

#67 Post by Skyflat » 30 Apr 2011 13:19

ARKAS!! The best comic books ever!! 8)
Hails from Cyprus!!!

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Marvel Versus:

#68 Post by Hansi Smurf » 10 May 2011 20:59

Marvel's Greatest Comics (23-96)
Marvel Super Action (1-47)
Marvel Triple Action (1-37 + Giant-Size 1,2)
Marvel Super Heroes (32-105)
Marvel Tales (careful selections)
Classic X-Men/X-Men Classic (1-110)
Tales To Astonish v.2 (1-14)
Amazing Adventures (1980) (1-14)
Fantasy Masterpieces v.2 (1-18)
Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos (120-167, plus 80, 82, 84 up to 118)
Marvel Spectacular (1-19)

Whew! I been using the 2006 CBG Price Guide to quote ya'll on these tidbits o' Marvel Madness! I hope yer not too hungry fer 'em! I was browsing Comic Factory IV's back-issue bns, and couldn't believe how expensive some of "Marvel Triple Action, Super Action & Super-Heroes actually were, compared to that aforementioned guide!

$10.00 each, and in only Very Good condition! An outrage! I had just bought his Byrne FF's 232-277, in Very Near Mint/Mint Condition, for only $3.00 each?!?

My best, most certain investment advice has now got to be, the late 70's newbies, as a result of the cost of that era's 60's-era reprints having gone waaay up since 2006!

Machine Man
Ms. Marvel

These books are still selling to me for $1.50-$3.00 a piece, all in Very Fine Condition, minus the Number Ones, and Ms. Marvel's "1st appearances of Mystique! (issues 16-19)"

I would still recommend the reprints to a richer-than buyer! The originals ARE harder to find, especially in Near Mint Condition, while I suspect that your very own, larger local dealers, will still be able for to get you a very nice price, on a very High Quality Collection, of the very enjoyable reading of them well-edited, and very select, reprint mags!

"Hey? Howcum when Grant Morrison had Pink Floyd playing on in "Invisibles #1", it was really, really cool; but when Dazzler used Pink Floyd in her mag, it's lame???"

"Sure Morrison's mag is on drugs and sex and kill, keep killing, but Dazzler has a huge fat ass AND semi-naked tits, all day, every day! Plus she's a white racist, attractive to both me, and the kids that we'd fuck to life!"

"And oh yeah? Sleeping Dragon? I'm sure that both you and I would agree, that Richard Rory, and Zapper, are a coupla the coolest dudes in Marvel Zombie History, ever! Their peaceful co-existance inside Savage She-Hulk (19-25), made me remember the boy-hippie in me, big time: "Peace, man! :D :D ""

Sensitive, Far-Out, Groovy & Wise!
That's what Marvel Comic Books are made of!

(And Metal Fan, too! She's 19, and I'm 37, but the Mayor of Winnipeg's setting that kinda relationship as an official societal exemplar, so count me in Metal Fan!)

Far Out!

(By the way, Winnipeg Bard(ess) Comic Book Collectors & Collectoresses? If you love the Divine Signs, as I do, you'll want to know, that none other than Hansi Smurf himself, entered into "Mighty Comics" in Winnipeg, and there he was treated to a very public "A Night At The Opera" track during the cash processing! Store has long hair and a beard! Very Dragon! And, yeah, X-Men 145's cover-art is still the very best Doctor Doom art that I've ever seen! Triple H should defeat the WWE and grab Stephanie like that! Great Cover!)

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Real Life Comic Book Collecting

#69 Post by Hansi Smurf » 10 May 2011 21:49

From 2002-2007, I was a real heavy reader!

"Wimbledon Green: the Greatest Comic Book Collector In The World" was a fantastic & very humorous brag, as to the massive amount of wealth and power, possessed by comic maggists such as Doug Supila (Comic World, Winnipeg) and Joey Krolik (Comics America, Winnipeg)!

Imagine Batman, not fighting crime, but instead collecting comic books in rival with others!
Too, the graphic novel sometimes takes place at a rootsy, hippie Western Canada level, giving it some amount of depth!

I swear that I've met Don Greene, and the other guys too! I still can't believe that it's a bunch of true stories! When I met "the Bad Guy" at Times Changed it went: "So, do you collect comic books?" Reply: "No, I collect pin-ball machines!" - just like in the comic book that I literally just read two days ago! Holy Shit!!! A very highly recommended Canadian Comic Book Novel by Seth! (our own Winnipeg Library has 12 copies! 12!)

By the way, speaking of Doug Supila, if you can find the Canada Film Board's "His First Million", you will be enabled for to watch the story of a kid who grew up collecting leftover comic books from his family's store, and who then managed for to have turned them over, for to make, literally, millions of dollars to date! Reputedly, Doug owns an 8000 square foot warehouse, and in it are literally 15 Copies Of Every Mag Ever Published Since 1978! Holy Shit times two!!!

Considering that Doug Supila is not alone in North America (approx 12 Comic Book Millionaires per 500 000 population), one wonders if the Price Guides aren't just a load of shit? Certainly anything post FF#44, can't really be that rare... can it??? At least that's my slightly wavering opinion by today's information! Some say there are only 32 readable/collectible copies of Fantastic F #1 on Earth today! Considering that Fantastic Four has sold over a million mags a month since 1965, that's quite a rare copy! But, FF was a huge + lucrative business by #44!

... Jewish Money Buying & Speculation ... huh...

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The Invisible Four

#70 Post by Hansi Smurf » 12 May 2011 19:20

I wuz thinking ta myself that "the Invisible Woman" was a bland name for a super-chick!

I thought: ""Mrs. Invisible!" What a great idea!"

Then, it hit me!

The Fantastic Four are named after Mr. Fantastic!

What if, the 85 year-old billionaire from Fantastic Four #1, had been Susan Storm, instead of Reed Richards?


So now, it's Reed Richards whom has the kid sibling: Edie Richards! Yeah! Yeah, that's it!Instead of the youth having been Sue's ward, her kid brother, Johnny Storm, it'll be Edie! So now it's Reed Richards, whom shall have to be the youthful 25-30 year old fiance, instead of it having been, in the previous telling (Fantastic Four v.1 #1-418, plus Annuals, Giant-Size & King-Size Issues), Mrs. Invisible!

And instead of the previous Marvel Comics Reality's Thing, Ben Grimm, we'll instead bring on the good old She-Thing, Ms. Sharon Ventura, Susan Storm's 10 years younger than, Maid-Of-Honor, Chief Pilot, Able Co-Engineering Assistant, Top Muscle, et al!

Mrs. Invisible! She-Thing! Stretcho! Fire-Girl!

Once returned to Earth after exposure to strange outer-space "cosmic rays", Mrs. Invisible has been rejuvenated into a 30-40 year old Blood Type A Positive Amazonion Goddess, just as she had been decades previous!

And just think how FANTASTIC Mrs. Invisible's sex-life has become! Stretcho can assume any penis size! Stretcho can grow boobs, and suck up his very own cock and balls right up inside of himself, and too, alter his appearance well enuff for to appear female, with ease!

Meanwhile, Fire-Girl is a bad ass pot-head cognitively stuck inside an arena of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Messianic Fervor, and masculinely guts out "Fire It Up!", rather than, "Flame On!", such as the Human Torch of old!

Say good bye to the FF's old Baxter Building! The Invisible Four reside at "the Invisible Tower", and occasionally, they even wear costumes that make their very own bodies appear to be see-thru! When Fire-Girl spouts "Fire It Up!", BAM! her trad-fiery body appears into vision! (Pretty cool for to have a naked head, arms, legs, while a slinky, makes-you-invisible costume is upon yer very own torso, if yah ask me, Hollywood FXer's!)

Plus, who wouldn't want all of the Thing's classic old battles with bums like the Hulk, or the Silver Surfer, for to have been waged by a Woman, instead! I'd guess that the She-Thing's eventual defeat by some Super-Villain Fist-Fighter, would be really quite a dramatic beating into unconsciousness, that's for sure!

Yeah, dull, insipid people'll call "Mrs. Invisible" a name for a married womb only! Me? I'll say it's a kick-ass name, and still only willfully "Fuck Jewessess!"

And too, "Fire It Up!" doesn't make sense to cognitive biological weapons such as yourselves, but I like to shout it outloud, and then for to incinerate "thou art", anyway!

(By the way: all in all, with all of the pro's and con's measured and weighed? Polygamy Rules! A womb's flesh is all that she wants for to be good for, after all, and the females have no urges but for to be pregnant and polygamous dykes, certainly! Peace To All You Fuckers! :mrgreen: )

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XXX Talk Inside Marvel Comics Circa 1984

#71 Post by Hansi Smurf » 18 May 2011 18:06

Daredevil 202 - 214 - "Micah Synn"

Micah Synn, irrelevantly I suppose, is a the scion of marooned English Nobility, circa the 1700's, whose colony of savage killers are discovered somewhere in Africa during the 1980's and brought to New York City, whereby they become a feared group of criminals! (Technically, I suspect that Micah Synn is a scam-artist, whom placed he and his group of thieves in Africa on purpose, just soon before being discovered by the Zoological/Historical Authorities: they provide for him and his followers, a huge penthouse apartment, and lot's of free stuff and money too, after all!)

Nevertheless, in an early issue of this so-so saga, probably issue 204, starring an hired assassin called, "Crossbow", Crossbow makes an actual, living cum-shot joke, inside a magazine traditionally manufactured, for All Ages! "I just shot my load - if you'll pardon the expression!"

Egads, Mr. Denny O'Neil - were you and your editors ever yucky in them days! And very quite humorous, as well!

In closing, I would just like to say, that Micah Synn ain't too bad of a charater for to study, and that I really did enjoy, the very sudden, and very abrupt demise of his courage, inside issue 214!

(Jeezuz! And all I ever wanted was Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars, The Thing 1-22, and FF 251-257! But now, instead, I have all of the whole f'n early 80's Marvel Saga! Boy, I sure hope my $2000.00 investment really does net me a $100 000 profit in just under 5 years, just like Yahweh says it will! Otherwise, I'm gonna hafta work my tail off, and produce a massive series of animated cartoons from outta the whole mess, for to launch the brand new, "Marvel Super-Heroes Television Network"! Hmmm... Come to think of it, that'd be pretty awesome, too!)

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The Greatest Comic Book Of All

#72 Post by Hansi Smurf » 20 May 2011 20:59


What If v.1 #43 "What If Conan Were Stranded In The 20th Century?" (By Peter B. Gillis & Bob Hall)

I'm gonna blow this one for yah readers!

Conan escapes an NYC District Courthouse, snapping his hand-cuffs, and performing two full 20ft. leaps - at least: he manages for to tear off the Iron Bars from off of one of the court-houses various windows, and takes a .38 slug thru the left shoulder in the process! Conan then smashes a Pawn Shop Window, stealing a knife! Conan then has to evade an angry fire-arm bearing store-owner, by merely climbing up a ten-storey building with a bullet in his shoulder, where, up on the roof, at last, he agonizingly removes the slug with his expropriated knife: and then, he binds his bullet wound with his Prison T-Shirt!

Conan then sets about terrorizing Cocaine Dealers and Pizza Delivery guys in and about Times Square.

Fearing for himself as a lone thief, Conan becomes a Successful Enforcer for an Uptown Cryme Family: using knives, instead of guns; prefering both the Easy Cost, the Lethal Silence, and, the Unlicensable Ease of Purchase, too!

Losing his lady-love from What If? #12-13 to Cryme, Conan decides to start his own Cryme Family. Heading to "Nate's Gym", Conan throws a much larger, and much more muscular man to the ground, citing Fighting Against Death, as more powerful than Weight-Lifting! With this new apprentice, the Black African Ajujo, aboard, Conan forms the All-Black, South Bronx, Barbarian's Street Gang!

The Gang both takes over, and cleans up Cryme in NYC!

Later, bored, and losing his edge, Conan invades a Museum for to steal a Vast Treasure of Gold, only to run into the Legendary Super-Hero, Captain America! The Entire Barbarian Gang is Totally Dumb-Founded, and Nearly In Tears, when by Divine Providence, Conan manages for to Run His Sword thru Captain America, and leaving Cap behind for the Police to find, as grisly, "dead meat"! (UNBELIEVABLE! (...and what a great, violent battle it was, too! BONG!!!)

At last, interested in Captain America and his presumed Values & Lifestyle, Conan challenges Cap to meet him in an Abandoned Neighborhood, for to Parley, and for to perhaps, finish their Duel, as well!

Instead, the Barbarian Runner is caught delivering the message to Cap's Avenger's Mansion Headquarters by the NYC Police, whom intervene upon the Parley!

Ajujo, not trusting Cap, and not wanting to lose Conan, or the Barbarians, also shows up, and with lot's of Cop-Killer Fire-Arms of His Own! A fight breaks out, and Ajujo is killed! Conan too, is about to be Executed Thru His Temples, via Police Service Revolver, when a barked order from Captain America allows Conan for to leave the scene peacefully, "for the sake of honor!"

To paraphrase Cap, "Surely Conan isn't of our time, or our way of thinking, but surely, he is Good, nevertheless...?"

The mag ends with Conan phoning from an anonymous hotel room, either for to re-establish the Barbarians Streetgang, for to uphold his promise for to avenge Ajujo's death, or more likely, he has made up his mind to join the Avengers, and to, perhaps, return to his Native Place, in and amongst, Einsteinean Space/Time!

I dunno about all the Global Mass, but "What If v.1 # 43", is MY favorite comicbook, at least! I Very Strongly Recommend This One From Out Of Your Local Back Issue Bins!!!

"Fly High & Touch The Sky!"


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Editorial F-Up Causes Thor Lie!

#73 Post by Hansi Smurf » 16 Jun 2011 00:59

A letters column within the Keith Pollard/Chic Stone illustrated continuity of "the Mighty Thor", has caused myself for to in an above post, sayeth that the Marvel Odin character, was Marvel's last survivor of a previous Ragnorok, and that all of the present Asgardians, minus Thor himself, were all figments of Odin's power!

The Marvel Asgardians being figments of Marvel's Odin's powers part wuz quite right, but the Original Odin himself, did not actually survive the first Asgardian Ragnarok, but was instead reconcieved of, when four of the actual End-Times survivors found his Sacred Spear, Gungir, and they together grasping it, well, they both magically and self-alarmingly disappear, being replaced instantaneously, by the New Modern Odin!

In a bit of a relgious "no-no" departure for Marvel Comics, at least, the Ragnarok of the #'s 287-301 v.1 of "the Mighty Thor", is depicted as occuring during the Nativity of the Man Called Jesus Christ! Thus Marvel's Odin would be today 2011 years old, though not ever having been a baby! And hey! How much should the first appearances of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, inside a Marvel Comic Book be worth today, huh speculators?

Of interest to most, in connection with Jesus vs. Thor, as I might have possibly stated earlier: inside Thor Annual 11, warriors-for-Thor kill a monastery full of unarmed missionaries, which upon investigating, causes Thor both to weep, and to wail, and for to forsake Midgard (the Earth) quite literally until he is banished by Odin inside the Modern Marvel Myth!

Too, though I haven't quite bought them yet, Thor #'s 330-336 involves Thor versus a revenge-seeking Christian Deity Super-Man called the Crusader! Sounds quite interesting: I just can't wait ta read 'em!

All this Norse Myth versus Christian Myth inside the Marvel Comics Group is making me feel kinda gleeeful inside the brains innards!

And for one final note upon the Marvel Comics Group "the Mighty Thor's" which I have been reading lately: Holy Moley! There sure is a helluva lotta blood and gore inside these aforementioned issues, probably more than found even inside both Marvel's "Conan the Barbarian", and "Wolverine", too! (I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that Roy Thomas wasn't allowed by Marvel for to show any blood at all inside the early "Conan" mag!)

I'm really very actually quite suprised that these Thor's that I'm talking about here, ever even made it past the Comic Book Code Authority, probably still at large there somewhere inside New York City, though it's Codes of Comic Book Morality have probably long since been forsaken!

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Re: Comic Books

#74 Post by Severard » 25 Jun 2011 16:04

My favourite ones are:

The Preacher
Alan Ford
Dylan Dog

Buckets of fun while reading The Preacher by Garth Ennis. Epic.

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