General FAQ about Blind Guardian (Name, Equipment, etc.)

This is where all of the frequently asked questions concerning Blind Guardian are. Read this first!
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General FAQ about Blind Guardian (Name, Equipment, etc.)

#1 Post by Curufin » 21 Jun 2005 03:21

Thanks to Orodaran for this portion of the FAQ


First and foremost, Blind Guardian is not a Christian band!

Why is the band called Blind Guardian?

Marcus in an interview answered:

"We found our name by making a list of proposals: Everybody wrote down what came to his mind and in the end we just liked BLIND GUARDIAN the most. The idea came from our song "Guardian of the Blind", by the way."

When will the band tour my country / hometown / backyard?

The band does NOT decide where to tour, it's up to the local promoters to check the demand for a band and then book it, so please don't post threads "Please bards tour my country" 'cause they are useless. The band surely wants to play everywhere they have fans, but if they are not invited by a promoter there's not much to do.

More info here.

Why isn't Oliver Holzwarth a full-time member of Blind Guardian?

Oliver Holzwarth, guest bassist, is not a permanent member because sometime in the future Hansi may decide to pick up the bass again (eventually he'd like to do it), so they don't want to integrate a full time band member that they would have to fire after some time.

What do my guitar heroes use?

For his guitar stuff and pedals, Marcus uses according to himself:
I still use a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, Gibson & ESP Guitars and
a Rocktron Intellifex for all my sounds.
How many versions of Harvest of Sorrow are around? why they did not make a version in my language?

There are no additional foreign versions of Harvest of Sorrow than the ones actually existing (Italian, French, Argentinian, Spanish and acoustic); that's because it was very difficult to translate them into more languages. Japanese, for example, was a language that was first tried but then discarded because of its difficulty. So if there's not a Harvest of Sorrow in your language, is not because your nation sucks or the band doesn't like it, it's just that it's difficult to translate a song in every language so they just went for the languages most used.

Do the bandmembers post on the forum?

- Since this version of the forum exists (August 2002), Marcus is the only "regular" poster out of the four bards (this does not mean that he's here every week, it's just that he logs in rather frequently so he's the one usually answering to the questions posted for the band). Thomen does pop up from time to time on very special occasions (for example he came to announce the resolving of his hand-health issues and the birth of his son), Hansi posted in the old forum a long time ago but never in this one, and Andrè never popped up at all, actually there's a famous inside joke on the board about his non-existance and him being just an hologram :wink:

Where can I buy BG stuff online?

Check the almighty 8)

If you're not in Europe, try out,, and

Also, beware of eBay! Many Blind Guardian items for sale on eBay are not official merchandise, and subsequently are very poor quality. Make sure you know what you're buying and if it's official before you buy it. If you have any doubts, just ask the forum!

What are the BG songs about?

Here's a link to a page that analyzes the meaning behind some of the BG songs:
Official Blind Guardian Forum Tarot Pimp.

Visit for all of your Blind Guardian needs!

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Do Balrogs have wings?

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Also, Balrogs have wings.

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