Marshall vs Peavey

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Marshall vs Peavey

#1 Post by Storm Bringer » 28 Nov 2013 23:23

So I'm trying to put away some money over time in order to get a new amp as I currently own a Marshall MG 15CD and it simply doesn't make the cut anymore. I've always wanted to own one of the fabled Marshall JCM 800s just because a lot of great guitarists used them in the eighties to make some of the best music around in my opinion but they're obviously too expensive considering my low income jorb (Not to mention they're pretty outdated). For now I'm looking at getting either a Peavey Vypyr 75 or a Peavey Tube 60 Vypyr though. I was wondering if anyone here -If anyone still is here these days- knows of a better Marshall or Peavey amp within the same price range based on experience?
Mainly I play thrash metal and power metal so the amp would have to be fitting for the likes of Blind Guardian, Slayer, Helloween (Hansen era), and Judas Priest for example. Any other related feedback would also be great of course and thanks in advance!

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Re: Marshall vs Peavey

#2 Post by t.a.j. » 04 Dec 2013 10:27

In my experience, Marshal amps tend to give a more lighter and airier distortion, more reminiscent of rock bands, while Peavy amps sound crunchier and heavier, more suited to more extreme styles of metal. But what you should do in any case is find a store where you can try what you want to buy and get a sense of the sound.
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