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Dementia [short story]

Posted: 17 Mar 2009 14:24
by Eisfunke
This is a (very) short story that I wrote in my spare time. It deals with a group of persons who have built a communauty in a place isolated from civilization and a person comes and tries to find out why they're acting like that, being considered as lunatics for the narrator. (NB : the tale is very short; is could be assimilated to the french genre "faits divers" but fictive of course)

I cannot understand them; I cannot construe their words. They seem unreachable to me. They are in their dreams, in their world and utopia. And every time I try to find out why they are behaving this way, but there's one thing for sure: they're just lunatics...
I've been haunting this place for several months and I didn't visit every part of it yet. I missed time, there were too many rooms, too many corridors, and too much persons. I ain't the only one to dwell here, they're thousands and thousands. They are here for they have a common passion: the one of their deities. They worship the same deities; and when I joined their lair I asked about these deities, and they answered me. I don't remember the names they gave them, but I still know their attributes: one has got the musical arts, one has got the wisdom, one has got the four elements, and the last has got the ability of creation. They worship them better than they would worship any other god. They wrote laws about it and made it their religion. I tried to find out why they were doing that; indeed, why praying and praising a god, since this great man who was Nietzsche said that "God is dead"? I construed anything by talking with them, so I investigated on my own. And then I discovered the truth...
These deities they prayed and praised were in fact human beings. Yeh, human beings like their prayers. So why considering humans like gods? I never understood such behaviour, and I still cannot understand them, but there's one thing for sure: they're just lunatics...
I tried to know better about these persons that rule this place with their ideologies so insane, and so void. And then I saw that they were young persons. Yea! Children who are getting bored in their life, bored at home, bored at school and so they joined this place and made up a religion based on human beings they have chosen, human beings like you and I. Why do children take persons for their gods and worship them, although they're just persons that live their life. They do a great job, certainly – I talk about those whom they consider as divine. But they have a life besides, and don't they want to rule their life like the other ones, void of persons that tell them "okay you're the best and the only ones so I'll pray you and worship you even if I have to die for it"? They have the right to life a life like we do, and making that kind of worship is a lack of respect to them. I'd advise them to construe their "deities" better and "study" them instead of worshiping passively if they do love them. Plunge in their minds! You look like a sect; you're just blind and withdrawn in your world! All in all just become a Stoician! They're your gods, certainly, but they ain't perfect. And you couldn't see it or accepting it. I'd like they would be here to listen to me... What the hell do their "deities" think about their deeds? They don't have the faintest idea. They didn't see the world with their eyes. I've just something more to say to these fanatics : "manifesting your worship by the way of so many fine words is the most loathsome way to prove them how you do love them!!".
I don't leave this place yet but I do not go often... Notwithstanding I left some rules that they may conform to if they want to look graceful to the ones they consider as deities, if someone has only read them... Now they are; read them or not, apply them or not, that's up to you. But there's one thing for sure: they're just lunatics...
1. Thy deities are no gods
2. Thy deities are human beings like thou and I
3. They are not the only ones on Earth; there are many other ones so open up
4. Construe their words with a constant sceptical glance
5. Do not let them rule thy life
6. Remember they live another life besides the one thou judge them on
7. Thy deities are not everlasting
8. Learn to open your eyes on the real world
9. Extricate from the Void thou are withdrawn in
10. Swear that thou shalt never plunge in a folly so worse that the one thou are currently living
There's one thing for sure: they're just lunatics, no more... And they'll be forevermore...

You'll know what I deal with here... It's a problem getting more and more serious and it pisses some persons off, so when you think you have to speak you must speak out and loud. Like Sartre would say, "you are constantly blameworthy". To this fiction, like Hansi Kürsch would say, "these lunatics deny the truth"...

Posted: 27 Mar 2009 18:14
by Tanelorn
i like that :wink:

Posted: 30 Mar 2009 12:01
by Kankra
Is this a thinly veiled criticism of people "worshipping" Blind Guardian?

Posted: 30 Mar 2009 12:11
by End Of An Era
The HANSI IS GOD!!!! posse? well i see more religious fanaticism in the story...

Posted: 30 Mar 2009 22:05
by Led Guardian
End Of An Emo wrote:The HANSI IS GOD!!!! posse? well i see more religious fanaticism in the story...
I'm getting a bit of "don't worship all those idols such as musicians, athletes, leaders, etc.," but yeah, I'm getting a kind of "worship the everlasting" kind of vibe here too. Not sure if that's the intent.

Posted: 31 Mar 2009 08:45
by End Of An Era
well i kind of contraditc myself actually, some fans show exactly the same behaviour as religious fanatics... :P

Posted: 17 Apr 2009 13:58
by Eisfunke
It's indeed a criticism about the lunatics that worship Blind Guardian. This attitude did shock me and thus I decided to talk about it, moreover we are free to speak I assume^^

Posted: 17 Apr 2009 14:22
by Belgarion
So.. BG is a christian band?

Posted: 17 Apr 2009 15:02
by Draugwen
Most 'Blind-Guardian-worshippers' I know are too coherent for lunacy. You might be seeing it a bit too... stiffly.

Interesting, but the linguistics leave room for criticism.

Posted: 18 Apr 2009 13:43
by Eisfunke
Draugwen wrote:Most 'Blind-Guardian-worshippers' I know are too coherent for lunacy. You might be seeing it a bit too... stiffly.

Interesting, but the linguistics leave room for criticism.
-Are you aware that they worship human beings like you and I??
-I'm sorry if my english isn't correct enough, it ain't my native language^^