West Virginia Mule and Ted Nugent...

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West Virginia Mule and Ted Nugent...

#1 Post by blind-man » 10 Jul 2009 15:12

... seem to have a lot in common. You should start a political band or something :D

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Re: West Virginia Mule and Ted Nugent...

#2 Post by Skyclad » 10 Jul 2009 18:02

Back in the day Ted Nugent was a draft dodger. He stated if he was ever drafted he would not bathe for months and keep shitting in his own pants so they wouldn't accept them. He lives here in Michigan, or at least he used to live here until Jennifer Granholm (a democrat) became governor. When she was elected, he moved his family to Texas, I think the same town George Bush lives. He shouldn't have a political say in anything, since instead of staying here and trying to make things work here, he just upped and left. Also, he thinks he's a big hunter, but he hunts animals in cages. Like Cheney does.
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