Wacken 2010

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Re: Wacken 2010

#201 Post by The Rider Of Rohan » 10 Aug 2010 11:16

I had very little complaints about this year's edition. Perhaps the only complaint was that we weren't able to drive our car around to find a better spot, but then again, the distance wasn't that terrible, perhaps only 15 mins. All the years that we were on the forumcamp the distance was longer. There were some issues with a group of neo-nazi's playing the Ohse Bonkels at a volume too loud, but that wasn't the biggest problem either (and it was solved when Bas kicked away some of their gear as a warning). Even the wristbands went quite fast, so no complaints there either. There wasn't any water or showers near our campsite, but then again, who needs to shower anyway.

I read on the Wacken-forum that there was a LOT of criticism for this years edition, but I don't share them. Some people complained about all of the lines being to long. But then again, those complaints came from German people. We all know that if German people have to choose between a long line and a short one, they always take the longest one.
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Re: Wacken 2010

#202 Post by Mackasfour » 10 Aug 2010 13:44

Lucky bastards :P
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