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Bragging With Boasts

#101 Post by Hansi Smurf » 21 Oct 2010 18:49

What is thy argument Boast?

Even Braggi is forced by the REAL LIVING WORLD OF THE FLESH for to admit that I am the better man and the superior typist; the only living argument/testimony here!

Too, my stature, cranium, emotional drive, training and conditioning, and very lack of glasses or other infirmities, make me Nature's Own Physical Dominator!

Scolds and Boasts must all begin speaking for themselves and ejaculating their very own GROSS PHYSICAL desires, and all while under full disclosure and total surveillance, or they must be put to the Sword! (I be the only Boast with physically existing metatemporal lobes: By the Very Laws and Testimonies of certain Testifying Jewess Yogess: I AM! Ha ha ha! Yeh, she stated while not knowing me, that the 3rd Eye is not indigeneous to all man-like biologies. I disbelieved in her science all them years ago, but now, who can say?)

I am Free, whereas by the testimonies, or lack thereof, from out of the other Boasts very own biological and inescapable logic-circuitry, the other Boasts are all still mere pre-industrial revolution caste-workers: and blast the Word of Aristotle - they should have all been kept in their eunuch cages, and never let to be bred publically, at all!

HANSI SMURF EXISTS INSIDE THE WORD OF GOD AS A SELF-RULING EQUAL-TO-GOD: You, the not-the-typer-of-this-post, must not! Ha!
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The Boastless Boasts of Braggi

#102 Post by Hansi Smurf » 21 Oct 2010 19:00

Just like to re-iterate: Neutral bodies are safe from me: and I suppose by God, that the German Chancellor, and the other elected officials'll soon be doing all of my dirty work for me, and my fellow Tarzen!

Have fun working and schooling, and cleaning up after all yer retards and fellow geriatrics, you Boastless Boasts of Braggi! All of you, the very, "Robot's of Post-Industry", you!

May the Global History Department, and the Global Military Theocracy, Destroy You All Soon!

Mars, Minerva AND Jesus Christ? All three of them, just about ready for to Slay the Boastless Boasts of Braggi? ...you don't say? 8)
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Re: Goodbye To Romance Pt. II

#103 Post by spamel » 21 Oct 2010 19:13

I'm gonna have a go at this:

Hansi Smurf, you talk out of your third eye, utter tripe that ejaculates from your very being like so many squids, whilst giant tentacles of ectoplasm hit the wall of intelligence like a giant marshmallow on acid. Only six foot tall people over 240 pounds in weight will be able to understand the evidence of your parallel universe that goes on inside your head and only you can see, whilst spending WOW Gold, (!) and basking in the delight of Uranus (another ass joke!).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the horses are crapping out massive tracts of intelligence that you plough with a stick attached to a goose, and eventually the stars fall out of the sky and you are crowned the king of the chimps.

Have a happy ending! :mrgreen:
My mother in law is a Balrog, and I'm telling you, she has wings!

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Re: Putting spamel to the Sword, Plague & Famine.

#104 Post by Joost » 22 Oct 2010 09:30

Hansi Smurf wrote: Thank God, the World IS Created, fool-proof, and designed for to destroy Yoast Vinter, huh fellow 1%ers, Diggers, Hippies, Jews, and the other emotional, sensitive, "I like fucking, not gibbaing, nor providing, types!"
How very nice... :D :shock: :mrgreen: :| :P

And I'm a "robot of the post-industry" now? Quoi?
You charge each other for the time and breath it takes to say 'good morning',
But the truth is slowly dawning -- things are getting out of hand,
We all pursue our shattered dreams along the roads to our own ruin --
Watch our empires sink and wash away like castles made of sand.
And so cast off the lies that are your lives and find the truth within.
-- Martin Walkyier

Also, Balrogs have wings.

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The Robots of Post-Industry

#105 Post by Hansi Smurf » 22 Oct 2010 18:34

Why I conjure the phrase "the Robots of Post-Industry":

I have been informed that those whom do well and uncomplainingly today at work and school here in the Post-Industrial Era, are indeed, for to be thought of as today's very "Robot's Of Post Industry!"

For you see, the workers and schoolers were not replaced by the defacto exisitance of self-replicating droids and computers, informationally, due to the complaints of those very bodies: so rather than destroying the traditional ways of life of those happy bodies, the machines and their AI brains, were left on the shelf, the workers and schoolers, preserved.

Interestingly, the spies have discovered also, that the School and Work types (both sexes), do not and cannot sexually re-adjust themselves into a Free Love, hippie sex-life; but instead, they biologicaly, robotically, must bear the conceit of a providing male, and a provided-for female, even when the physical distribution of labor economic circumstances, technically no longer exists.

Now, the traditonal ways of life for the various types of psychologies, psychologies which are in fact, by my own eye-sight, completely unable for to be comprehended by any easy visual "make", such as racial appearance, or stature, these work and school psychologies now endure, forever, and you my Boastless Boasts, are by the way of life that you succeed and are happy at, are now by me, and the other comprendes, considered for to be robots, just like C3P0, or R2-D2, whereas we comprendes, do possess, adaptable-by-circumastance IQ's, and are all quite happy in our own mutual circumstance!

Canada and the World, in case you missed it, and you ARE unhappy being a worker or a schooler, have all invited you for to live freely upon Welfare: officially, peacefully, and for all time!
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The Disturbations of Hansi Smurf

#106 Post by Hansi Smurf » 23 Oct 2010 18:36

Ya know kids, I'm wondering, as I look back at all of the various feelings of disturbation, as to whether or not my very and all too short-temper, was at all very right at the time, cuz of course, everything that I wrote here, previously, was once, VERY disturbing to me, myself, the Writer of Hansi Smurf, too!

And ya know what? Unlike Hansi Kursch, or those Old American Nigger Rappers that I used ta listen to, unlike them, I will accept My Own Word here, as my very own Testimony, and I will, in front of the Global Mass, Testify for it, as to NOT being mere entertainment, but in fact, as to being the very Modern Word of God!


As for Donald Trump, and my cracks at him and his balls, found there somewhere inside "Passengers For Life"?

A rather tiny incident in question, really; namely Trump's TV show ending with his wee' son hammering golf-balls and showing lots of visible anger, meanwhile, the little blonde wife & mother, eyes downcast, and visibly ashamed: and there's old Donald himself, standing their smirking and pretending vacuity, and violence: certainly he does not have sexual love indigeouness to his rather evil relationship!

I was once exposed to a very disturbing 70's Porno Film "starring" one Marilyn Chambers, thanks to Transcona's FAG HOCKEY DAD CULT involving a kidnapping and a sex-cult rape scene called, "Behind The Green Door"; and I just can't help but put Trump over as an emotionally-guiltless dullard, still, however, criminally guilty of kidnapping a traditonal mate-for-life, from some dumb-ass subcognitive pimp-community, same as Obama's, and thus eugenisizing one of our very own male-sex friends, from the said kidnapping-victims own age/peer group!

I hope that said Trump TV womb, testifies very publically, and soon, as to the very real emotional nature of that scene, and, as to her very own desire: both to me, and to my massive, well-armed, globally diasporaed family: she is, in truth, a very, and powerfully, emancipated female, of obviously, very sterling, emotional-character.

(Hopefully we can all just actually sing: LEAVE! TRUMP! ALONE! gangstyle together, but I am still suspicious of God and His Divine Providence, and much prefer Oliver Cromwell's)

To continue this post, I would like to add further, that President Obama's very own brother-in-law, went on TV, and there he re-iterated, that it should be normal for Obama, or me, or you, or himself, for to be intimidated, when he begins a-dating, rather than being encouraged for to collect welfare, and for to provide babies on the American House, even while living under his own, brand-new, in-laws, roof!

My own Nanna, from Neath, Wales, was nobodies Property Virgin! She ran away from her own adopted home, and all the way to London, England, just for to escape just such insipid, ungentle, unsensual, persecution just such as Trumps': and even fellow billionaire, Vince McMahon's brain-type! Dull, and insincere, both of them, at the time, and in the press together with regards to the mating of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon! Triple H and HIS mate, Stephanie Levesque, are still, very guilty, of not publically re-iterating that Authority-in-mating does not come from Dad's, churches, male or female gangs, nor Secular Governments, but from two individuals, of the very penis and vagina type, coming together in mating season, just like McMahon and Trump did, when they were young!

I know certainly, that if they haven't already done so, Trips, and Stephanie, need for to speak aloud, violent oaths of sexual togetherness: the very eugenic destruction of all other ova and sperm having caste-forms, and especially while they are both together in monogamous Congress (congress: colloquial American for fucking!) The only type of love-making the Lord protects!

Behaviour such as Donald Trumps', Vince McMahon's, Hansi Kursches', American TV Dads just such as Al Bundy, and/or Cliff Huxtable, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

I really hope that all of you, will all sue, Radio CBC AM Canada, Time/Warner cartoon character Elmer Fudd, his deseased voice actor, Arthur Q. Bryan, David Icke's "The Biggest Secret", and Grant Morrison and his "the Invisible's" #11, if you too, have been overly disturbed by their bunk pro-"wumbfullering" rants! I've taken it back, now, publically, while they haven't, even tho' Morrison's defilements were punished, it is still fnorded as normal, and positive, for to be privately FAGGOTED by FAGS, like DC Comics!


"Deutoragamy stinks, Boob!"

- Beeb


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Uppercut To The Chin!

#107 Post by Hansi Smurf » 25 Oct 2010 23:16

The Boastless Boasts of Braggi! They just all HAVE to be talked down to, just one last time! Romance is for wicked and insipid - it is even for the bigger-than/older-than violence coercable, gun-controllable folk, too. Porno types like all you Bragless Boasts are, and the prudes too, ARE and must be quatified as insensate flesh - lacking gonads possesing Gods' own Universal speech-centres inside 'em!

Mate, reproduce, defend: kill, keep killing!

President Obama can't have loyal and/or dignified sons or daughters: neither could Bush, nor Clinton, nor Reagan, nor Bush Sr.! The list just goes on and on! They just keep pretending and or roboticaly defending both the TV's and the Evil Traditionalists, male sex-negative sociopaths!

A puny and bandy-legged non-status Indian just punched me right in the face in public. Everyone but the Indian is laughing!

I just ignored his no-hearted apology!

Just another drunk, brain-inferior, needing for to be ethnically-cleansed from the Earth: just like all of the Bragless Boasts!
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The Punch In The Face Reviewed

#108 Post by Hansi Smurf » 26 Oct 2010 19:43

So, I'm typing away at Millenium Library Computer #583 when like Steve Harris in his famous poem, "Number of the Beast", I just can't avoid someone's brain/backbone, at all!

I look up at the old fellow, and he just lies and says, "I'm looking at you cuz I want your computer", while the physical tact of his face, and his emotional state are completely "Kill Hansi Smurf on God's behalf", and I can tell that he's being brain-controlled by Jah, that bunk pretend-authority!

So, after a brief return to typing, once more, the emotional tact of the damn Indian, won't leave me alone. I look up once more, the same evil stare. So, needless to say, "fuck that Indian", I'm gonna stare back, with the same tact!

Needless to say, as soon as I returned the favor, the little bandy-legged drunk walked right up to me, while I remained a neutral typist. He grabbed at me and repeated his same lie as to the cause of his tact. When I repeated my challenge that he was merely a retarded person, being brain-controlled from a far away place, his brain-projected a conceitedly lie and advanced "I'm God", while his heart ejaculated "Obey Me"

When I stood my ground and said "I will not obey you!" He punched me with an insipid and tiny fist to my still bruised chin!

While I repeated that the old bum was a brain-controllable dullard, the white children around me at the time all laughed, and their brains projected that I was one of them! Total victory over Jah and his obviously false equality, at last!

Yeah, the Third Eye of Nimrod and it's all-seeing "whole-body testimonial". Here in Manitoba, there are special-sensitives like me that'll still swear you all in as honest all-seeing Gentlemen, and sometimes, women, too!

But thanks to old Boob, I learned from It directly, that It and It's family, that, in fact, most of the families and bodies of Manitoba, cannot be sworn in: for under the all-seeing eye, they are all selfish verminous users of attack-positivity values, and craven curs withholding pertinent intelligence, and all on the behalf of one "supposedly private" verminous band of gap-competition or another!

Me? I am innocent! And I just hope that the Social Contract that we all learned about from old Brooks at the U of M? That same Social Contract that returned Hong Kong to the Secular Authorites of Mainland China? I really do hope that the Canadian Body will be massively ethnically-cleansed, as advertised, and the sooner, the better! (including the Winnipeg Police, I might add: dullard-idiot, false-testimonial having, guns-not-Mike, polite-sensitive-white-people-suck, there's-not-such-thing-as-ESP, nor Sanctity, Pig-types, just wanting to be spoken for, but with brains and tact beneath the need for selfhood and self-defense! Just ask Interpol!)

I really hate bodies that brain-project "I am God", while making threats and advancements, and making sure that you know that they will attack you and any little Boob yah happen to have a private contract with, and demanding that you send them your way!

Just like I hate the emotional tacy of that fucking Indian from the Blackfoot sub-Nation on TV; with all of his insincere Love, and all of his out of control facial anger twitches: and all of that "what you say of others is true of you" bullshit, that all of the Global Indians, Niggers, Jews, White Trash, Geriatrics, and Hansi Kursches too'll still be guilty of inside the Mind of Nimrod, tomorrow! The idiotic mental tact of little sisters, them Indians: all of them! (Ever watch TV Chef Nigella? She acts like a sweet, innocent Cooking Show Host, and then between "...and then add the cup of flour", she flashes her teeth and makes violent gesiculations and flashing predator-attack eyes, and then acts like she didn't! Neat!)

Me? I am that proud Hindu-Hippie-Man, today, and tomorrow, and will keep on living freely in my own home in a fully propaganda-sanctified "live here regardless of politics, religon, sex-orientation, disabilty, or income source" based neighborhood.

"Killing In The Name of Boob!"

SlaughterHouse 901,

Signing Off.
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There's No Such Thing As ESP

#109 Post by Hansi Smurf » 27 Oct 2010 02:09

Or hypnosis, huh, kids?

I can still remember my one and only jet-plane trip to Orlando, Florida. I can still remember the grown-ups brain-projecting that we weren't even on the plane, that once you got to the airport you were somehow frozen in a closet there, and the trip was only a dream for you to awaken from upon your return!

I still remember McCorristoner, telling me our Grade 8 teacher had big boobs, and for the rest of the year, as soon as I came home from delivering the Winnipeg Free Press after school, I was veritably brain-controlled for to ejaculate cum into the parent's toilet bowl.

Same with when Gibba Les Paul showed us his parents condoms. Constant brain awareness of Mrs. Gibba Les Paul, and underwear grabbing ejaculations, night after night.

Only the big voluptuous lady down the street with the massive physical superiority, and the first I ever heard out of a grown-ups mouth, "statured and racist verbal ejaculations", said "I am controlling you with mental telepathy", while supposedly teaching me how to not be an alien to the vaginas: too bad it didn't work, huh? (pretend to "f" yerself with a spiritual version of yerself, while pretending yer a vagina: groovy pleasure, but really, to me, an my own spiritual children, just so much group faggoting, paedophiling, eugenics. I mean, how can anyone have sex if yer not allowed by class for to ejaculate sex-talk with yer own age/peer group? Eugenics were illegal in Elementary School, apparently not in Junior High.)

But of course, in school and on the street and amongst our own peer age group, "there's no such thing as ESP."

Sarcastically: Thanks alot Transcona Springfield School Division 12! You guys were SO scientific and SO interested in full-disclosure! And now: pure chaos, all thruout the land!

Just like to add that as soon as I mentioned Florida and jet-planes an fucking goddamned congentially semi-illiterate fucking Indian, immediately was immediately compartmentalized into my awareness and allowed to attack me with emotional violence. Fuck do I hate Indians, and rightfully so. An attack is an attack, AND, the Indians can only mimic man-life, they are not true sentience, and I will say it to every "Canadian" Aboriginal Indian Chief's fucking ugly, dull and insipid face: they were given equal opportunity AND more free-rides than any of us White Kids, but as Webster's Dictionary would say: the Indian Genius is sub-cognitive and the Indian cannot pass mentally, a neolithic, or sub-neolithic Mental Age, congenitally. No Indian, God gives away Divine Providence for free, whereas you, Indian, just keep being illegitimatley preserved, racist, defective, self-annihilating, dullards.

And, of course, there is still no such thing, as ESP.
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Scientific Wrestling

#110 Post by Hansi Smurf » 27 Oct 2010 18:02

Still, today, Cosmically Conscious Old People will deny the Ancient Military Theocracy's brain/spinal chord = telepathy/empathy, all so that their own emotions and fears can be experienced by the inexperienced person as their very own fault. (see, Xodar)

The NCAA's own proofs that pounds, square inches and the scientific conditioning of reflexes, strength, and self-beating, will continue to be attacked by Old Psychic's all day: citing themselves as God, while all the while evilly presuming "you not God", and once defeated, still evilly stating that "they were here first", just like dumb Indians and Niggers, all of whom, under Psychic Energy Analysis, have almost-zero cognitive reasoning-function inside their own worthless Skulls.

The Creationist rhetoric will not be defeated: all of our dust is the same age: we were all here first. All Attackers regardless of age, size, race, arms, or word papers, cannot be tolerated.

Indians, Niggers and Geriatrics are Chaotic Evil.
Insensitive do-gooders, ie earnest Secularists but lacking metatemporal lobes, Neutral Good.

Changing ones emotional brain/body tact via proximity, cannot be tolerated.

Masturbating females, while both evil eugenicists and insincere Modern Nationalists, will still be Lord Protected, for the time being, though I hope for mental hygiene's sake, that they will re-think their political economic tact.

Elementary School globally is sincere and earnest: if you do not work, feel free on Public Welfare. If you do work, enjoy the benefits of cars and equity: but as your Destroyer Protector, I warn both the Men and Women, one last time: mate and ejaculate as Violent (oath swearing destroyers of "all outside the bond of common law love" ova and sperm) Hippies (free and loyal sex) for Life, or be destroyed, by Sin & Death, once more.

If you cannot say the Hindu Hippie, but can say that "I am not Groovy", then stay out of both sexual-reproduction, and masturbation. Sociopathic mimetic desire is not healthy for the sensitives whom are earnest and sincere.

"The World has been redeemed. Man's wickedness, is no more."

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Goodbye to the Forum.

#111 Post by Hansi Smurf » 29 Oct 2010 02:49

Maple Leaf! Old Glory! War Eagle! Tricolour! Red Sun Rising! Union Jack! (Cool team, huh, kids?)

(Disabled) United States Canadian Home Officer 901-424 Edm. St. R3B 3B5

A Congressman in Washington D.C. has against himself, zero censure whilst addressing Congress. If something the Congressman says whilst addressing Congress is offensive to the Majority in Congress, and the Congressman doesn't respect Congress enuff, for ta reply ta Congress within 40 days: then said "Congressman" will be arrested, and returned by force, to Congress.

I do hereby swear, that I shall return, within 40 days.

God Bless America, and On Guard, Canada:

Sieg Heil!
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Re: Goodbye To Romance Pt. II

#112 Post by Curufin » 31 Oct 2010 03:06

Hansi Smurf is my favorite person on the forum <3
Official Blind Guardian Forum Tarot Pimp.

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Goodbye To Baby-Boomer Age-Group Parents Pt. I

#113 Post by Hansi Smurf » 02 Nov 2010 22:19

Yeah, I hadda dentist appointment in me old home town of Transcona today, and I decided that I'd use the opportunity for ta visit me Mum and Dad, and drop off an already asked for "Christmas wish-list"!

Instead of good cheer, I recieved blatant disrespect, and outright berserker animism, forcing me for to evacuate, and forcing me for to have to admit publically, to once more having to define myself as a defacto "town-divinity", or in other words a Created & Free Man: lacking antecedent both biologically, and spiritually.

Thanks fer the genuine spiritual kudos' Forum Moderator Curufin! If I'm not mistaken, yer own version of Boo Boo, (yer true-love, yer one and only, yer very, togetherer foreverer) walked out on you too, irrationally, and now I suspect that she too, WILL NOT TESTIFY, to your own true and family starting-love together, save under force of arms; and thus having caused you to have become dissillusioned with the whole romance and equality thing, too! (Gentle husbanding and male-domination: that is the AM Radio's "Focus on the Family's" own teachings for to succeed familialy: the Secular Myth of Equality: a blatant and seedy failure for by which to eugenisize the entire Globe!)

Me? I'm gonna meet with my Family Physician in Transcona and have Health Canada and College of Physician-based sex, provided to me for free, and from now on!

PS. (furthering Global Intelligence:)

No peace for the Stock of Canada! United Kingdom? You had better abide by the Social Contract and get rid of the Stock that you have planted here in the West, and grew here yourselves, you Subjects and Invaders both, you! Clean the stock as Professor Brooks stated that you had already agreed to do, or (steam-release only:) prepare to be knifed, face to face by your own "God"!

Rrrr... Once you become an self-ejaculating, Israelite Spy/Western Individual, you really will begin to hate All Canadian Stock! None of 'em can serve themselves, but they all, ALL, and all very angrily, and very impatiently, they all expect service, AND, they all expect the blatant degredation of the entirety of sexuality! Canadian's like Trudeau and Chretien and Mulroney, they told me in School, in the early 80's, that Welfare was allright by them: baby-boomers like my Mom and Dad, they will not stand corrected! And they won't work either: complete hypocrites, and completely sub-cognitive in genius, too!

To the cute Blackfoot Kid on "Work-For-Fucking" TV: "Fuck cuz yah feel like fucking: not cuz yer somekinda damn proud worker or cultist, yah bum! Them bitchez IS dumb and insensate! Just overturn the Blackfoot Nation's Rape and Consent Laws publically, and make babies like a normal, unsubjegated body again, and you'll feel a helluva lot kinder and gentler, overnight! (Feed Vegans Meat! They'll get hard cocks again in nature, and they'll hafta thank ya for it later, too!)

And don't be afraid of ass-fucking! It's just like on Porno TV, Man: a perfect pleasure! The anti-anal sex body ARE just emotional and territorial enemies, Man!

Further, for the record, I'd just like to iterate, that penis with vagina, is homo-sexuality, while penis with penis, or vagina with vagina, is hetero-sexuality! Look it up!

Neat that history, religon, law, niggers, indians and jews, are really just either propaganda and/or biological weapons, placed here in the Western Hemisphere like land-mines or something, huh Kids?

In all honesty, I got nothing against the Aboriginal Youth that sell weed ta me in Public, but I sure hate ALL BODIES what cause me emotional distress just by standing there, "making me" as the Police would say, and acting innocent, cuz "there's no such thing as ESP!" As if!

Anyway, I'll see yah'll again in 40 days or less!

Merry Christmas!

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Re: Goodbye To Romance Pt. II

#114 Post by No‘am » 03 Nov 2010 22:32

Male me marem putatis? Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo

イン ウィーノー ウェーリタース

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#115 Post by Hansi Smurf » 03 Nov 2010 22:42

Hello Fellow Gross Reader! It is I, Hansi Smurf!

I have now eliminated all the names of all of the other veritable Boasts and Scolds from the Testimony, save Metal Fan (and a Forum Moderator)! Metal Fan's ejaculation elsewhere on behalf of her reading and seeing how and why I have the right to kill others, caused me to desire for to Preserve her stock, globally!

Way to go Metal Fan!

Now, thanks to my "Right To Kill" philosophy, phony-sociopaths-with-money like Big Bruce Dickinson have immediatley invaded the metatempsychotic realms, for to utter threats against my Right, threats that give THEM the Antagonizer's Headache, while said Headache gives me the Right for to destroy them viz Critical Proximity! The Headache is designed by Creator Dick! The Headache is called "Breaking Kayfabe!" Kill, Keep Killing yah dumb ass nigger-lover!

(By the way? Did I tell yah I'm gonna outlaw Geriatric Care for the Baby Boomers? No? Well there! I just did!)

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More Secret Arms For The Very Boasts of Braggi

#116 Post by Hansi Smurf » 15 Nov 2010 19:57

And all of the Scolds of Skalde, too!

Yea', all of you Gentle Readers! All of my years of eating, shitting & reading on the can, have brought forth this point to all of you, and your very own well-sighted eyes!

Back somewhere in the Thread, I mentioned "the Guns of Cromwell": jet steel, government bronze, black powder, nitro-glycerin - BUT! If you really were interested in being a serious part of the old Baby-boomer's Rebel Alliance? What you really need for to arm yourselves, is by God! Refridgerator Magnets!

Black Iron, or Magnetite, is what my research is intuiting as the material necessary for to produce induction coil element weaponry - Magnetite coiled for to provide current at the Background Radiation Induction Coil Frequency Modulation will provide the manufacturer with: Constant Energy Weaponry - literally: hand-guns and/or energy cannons possessing ammunition, without limits! The Edison Electric Co. Library (now called General Electric) and possibly too, the United States and Russia's "High Altitude Aural Resonance Project" (HAARP) and it's accompanying full-disclosure Library, should have all of the necessary data, for you, the individual well-past the Mental Age of Consent (Self-Rule), for to complete just such a necessary Gap of the Pigs, and their still-existing Eunuch False-Laws.

Love-making and Consent, rather than having and holding when Invisible Passion enters your awareness field, are the Value Systems of Eugenicists trying for to Gap the inexperienced socio-path on low-income and/or Welfare, into Laws that are anti-Creationist, pro-uncertainty, pro-sterility and pro-death! Just like all of the "there's No Such Thing As ESP" b.s. is trying for ta do too! Today, it would seem that ONLY BLIND GUARDIAN would dare for to care about just these Self-Evident Truths!

Consent and coyness and blatant "pretend-ignorance" between age-group males and females is harming me and my friends; and all of the City of Los Angeles, and elsewhere's, porno and prostitution positivities, are not the desires of any fatalistic serial killer whom really will readily testify for to accepting only "the Best Possible Reality", and "No Compromises!" with regards to Divine Conception, the Legitimacy of Children, and, Daily Humping Being Mandatory For The Electorate For To Be Left Alone And Not Ethnically-Cleansed!

I figure this place is not important enuff for any dildo-spys for to be monitoring, so if you are rich & sympathetic, and you read this, and you really do love developing judge/advisor/peer/officer/assemblyman/nobleman-destroying "Secret Arms"? DO IT!


(Boob IS illegally harrassing herself from ME, her very own biological mate Under Her Very Own Oath & Testimony! AND NO! I will neither work, nor go to school! Those pathologies are for the infertile idiots and morons for to do, NOT FOR GODS LIKE ME!)


(Every thought but my own above, any thought outside of accomplicing Me - IS AN ATTACK!)

"Such subtle covenants shall be made, till peace itself is (only) war, in masquerade!"
- Dryden

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The Known Ancestral Branches of Hansi Smurf

#117 Post by Hansi Smurf » 16 Nov 2010 18:57

From the Baker inside the Smurf, We may metatempsychotically cite:

Adam. Seth. Enosh. Kenan. Mahalalel. Jared. Enoch. Methuselah. Lamech. Noah. Ham. Cush. Nimrod.

Hansi Smurf is now the 5th eldest of the various and contemporaeneously re-concieved of Adamic Caste Forms, Hansi Smurf being conceitedly, Mahalahel/Nimrod, himself.

From the Smurf's Mom's, Mom's Mom, We recieve the Literacy of Chamberlains!

Richard Chamberline (1617) m. Sarah Bugbee
Joseph Chamberline (1665) m. Hannah Gilbert
Nathaniel Chamberlin(e) (1689) m. Elizabeth Hunkins
Richard Chamberlin(e) (1714) m. Abigail Wright

Now in America, we find the first modern place name for spiritual memory visitations (neuro-genetics) Northfield, Massachusettes: Nathaniel Chamberlain (1753) m. Mehitable Elliot (1746)
Also in America, are Luther and Mary Edey, b. 175? & 1756 respectively! Their original settlement, Randolph, Vermont is destroyed by Indian Raiders on October 16, 1780! From Randolph Vermont to Newbury Vermont then!

The Edey's and Chamberlain's of America serve valiantly in the American Revolution, and by this service, they are presumably introduced, and inter-married:

Moses Edey (1781) m. Elizabeth Chamberlain (1790)
Benjamin Chamberlain (1783) m. Elizabeth Chase (1799)

Meanwhile, in Tyrone County Northern Ireland, George Kilgore (b. unknown) m. Jane Black (b. unknown)

Elizabeth Chamberlain and her brother Benjamin are forced by circumstance for to marry their own son and daughter respectively (first cousins) in the northern woods of rural Quebec, where Moses Edey Sr. is a Methodist Preacher (Hull/Aylmer Region): Moses Edey II (1816) m. Elizabeth Chamberlain (1826)

The Kilgore/Black Family moves from Tyrone County Ireland circa 1833, to Huntley Township, Carleton County Ontario, where Alex Kilgore (1831) m. Ann(e) Gilmore (1831).

Much later, but from the same familial generation, Sandy (Alexander) Halliday (1850) a reputed sheep-thief exiled from rural Glasgow, Scotland to Canada, moves himself and his wife (Anne Miller b. unknown) from somewhere in Ontario to Mekiwin N.W.T. (now the Neepawa/Gladstone Region of Manitoba), the first land-claiming establishment body in the area, together with his friend Mr. Alcock, 1871.

Now, from the Edey/Chamberlain Family, and the Kilgore/Gilmore Family comes the marriage of Moses Edey III (1861) and Jessie Kilgore (1863), occuring in the just settled Peace River Region of Alberta!

Too, Sandy Halliday's only daughter, Annie, concieves of my own Great Grandpa John Edward (Jack) Halliday (1905). The bastard is taken from Mekiwin and raised to young man-hood in Chicago, Illinois by a Great Aunt Bess. Visiting Manitoba from Alberta, young Rebecca Edey (Kilgore) (1903), meets and marries a just-returned to Manitoba Jack Halliday at a dance held at Jack's Uncle's home.

Meanwhile, in Fulham London England, George William Baker (1869) meets and marries one Nettie Long (1876) from Bradford Yorkshire England. They immigrate together with their 7 living children to Pierson Manitoba, sometime around 1910/1911.

From Ourondon Leichestershire England, one Joseph Cecil Everton (1886), a boilermaker by trade, emigrates to London Ontario Canada, where he meets and marries one, Alice Sarah Crosby (1892). By 1916 the Everton's have settled in Transcona, Manitoba, making me a third generation Transconan!

Lester Edward Baker (1916), George William's last child, volunteers for active duty during WWII, and there he meets and marries one, Delores Smith(Mom) (1922) Stevens(Dad) Raymond(Adopted) Hewitt(Foster) originally of Neath, Wales. Delores' fiance' George Hewitt, a near body-double of the King of England in them days, is killed in the War, and Delores, a teengage runaway taken in by the Hewitt's, is given by the Hewitt's to Lester, as his own War-Bride. Like many of Lester's brothers, Lester tries to establish himself post-war in California (a Watts neighborhood county bus-driver), but fails to adapt! The Baker Family returns to Winnipeg, Nairn Ave.

Joseph Cecil Everton's last child, one Robert Stanley Everton (b.1931 in Transcona Manitoba), meets and marries circa 1949, in Neepawa Manitoba, my still living (pronounced dead on my return home from posting!) Grandmother, Annie Florabelle (Luetta) Halliday (b. 1930 in Peace River Alberta Country). The Family lives thruout various rural Manitoba communities, including Virden, Dauphin, and Transcona; my Mom actually started life out living in a one-room unfinished log-shack!

By the 1960's both Lester Edward Baker and Robert Stanley Everton live in Elmwood Winnipeg Manitoba, where both Men are employed as Winnipeg City Bus Drivers!

Ronald Edward Baker (1950), and Rhonda Luetta Everton (1950) meet together at the world-famous Elmwood High School! By 1970, the famous Smurf-couple are engaged, and married!

Michael Edward Baker (1973) is concieved of in a suburban home rental property on George Suddey Bay, North Kildonan: Mike's parents in the basement, the upstairs rented by his Dad's elder brother, Rick.

Michael was induced and born 4 weeks premature at 5lbs and 12oz. at Winnipeg Health Science Centre, Women's Pavillion, Sunday Morning, 5AM, where Michael spent Aug 19 - Sept. 1 in an incubator in the Intensive Care Ward.

On Sept 1st, Michael is taken to 9 Argus Rd. Transcona, where he lived until the age of 28 - when he was unceremoniously kicked out of the house for to fortutitously live with the Perpetrators Rock Band, at 372 Beverly Street and 500 Home St! Mike was then spiritually kicked out by the Perpetrators, for to peacefully reside at 161 Langside; then he was once more kicked out, this time by Jew Property Managers, Dorchester Development, for to once more peacefully reside at his current 424 Edmonton Street MHA(Nazi) Street Address!

Mike also spent much of his imbecile/idiot era, summerwise, at one Catherine Lake Ontario, (formerly an Everton Family Developement) bathrooming in an outhouse, and living in an old converted transit bus - without water, sewer, gas, or electricity: here fishing, swimming, blueberry picking and boat-rides, were the Family's primary activities! (Hello third Cousin, and Mrs. Manitoba, Amanda!)

Too, Great-Grandpa and Grandma Halliday's Neepawa, very-fine, small-town suburban Homestead, and Great-Uncle Orville's Onanole MB, still-impressive, Country Estate, were also frequent childhood visitation and stay-over sites!

Mike, as a boy, has travelled from Winnipeg to Vancouver in the West, to Toronto in the East, and to Orlando Florida in the South, and has too, tent-trailer camped all across Manitoba, Minnesota and Canada's most excellent State, Provincial and National Park System.

Mike spent both a 6 week and a 1 week stay at Psychealth Medical Centre for no apparent purpose viz the Laws of Good vs. Evil. The Parents of Mike, the Government of Manitoba, the College of Physicians, the College of Psychiatry, the University of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Police Service (unreasoning and looming physical threats)? Like the Indians, they will all die the Invisible Death provided for by the now-existing Invisible Sin & Death Technocracy, just as I was instructed for to believe in, as an unbelieving Moron, long ago, in High School Biology Class! (Cool, huh Kids?)

Now, Mike has dis-owned his old Family for by him being a Flowerchild (nee, a person of principled Moral Reasoning), and will now thus, and forever, remain a Canadian National Socialist (Nazi), peacefully living outside the Authority of Prime Minister and Cabinet, viz the Secular Nations Mental Age of Consent Laws having been passed by Mike, the Individual! Yes, Mike would never commit an act of ethnic-cleansing, nor witch-burning, not without standing in front of all of Canada's Assemblymen and Senators, and the Canadian Press-gang, and thus practicing, full-disclosure!



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Fun Facts Provided By Toland's Hitler, Webster's and Me!

#118 Post by Hansi Smurf » 17 Nov 2010 19:23

Whew! I so hated banks, usuray, indenture, and paying to live in Private Housing, that the last time I read about Toland's Hitler, I was actually pro-Hitler!

Technically, as a Digger Philosopher, that is still true, "Jew"!

Paraphrasing Rudolph Hess' school-age essay: "What Germans need is a leader who will lead them, while actually being nothing like them at all!"

To iterate this very point, one need look no further than the invasion of Czechoslovakia! In Germany, Hitler is a Vegetarian, and a Tee-Totalling Non-Drinker! Once he arrives by Motorcade in Czechoslovakia, post-invasion, he orders both ham and beer, and plenty of it! Ham must be diahrrea-making poison in Germany! The beer must taste like rubbing alchohol in Germany! (Hitler must really hate Germany!)

Funnily enuff, this time around, the Toland text provides real diplomatic information describing all of Europe, as an egger-onner: the Germans literally believe that they are Superior, because Hitler and his pals, all over the world, including the Jews, keep on telling the Germans in an obviously psycho-pathically, deeply compartmentalized, and thus abled to seem sincere manner, that the Germans ARE superior! Any very real difference in Housing, Technocracy, or Morality? No evidence has been presented yet in any of the Text! (In fact, one would think that the evidence of Hitler's eating of ham and beer in Czechoslovakia wouldst seem to point towards the very exact opposite!)

America had no Rational Cause for to Hate Russian Bolshevism. Nor did Germany, England, nor France! Germany is literally portrayed by Toland, and his Massive Research, as a willing thrall for the playing of "monkey-in-the-middle", in a very real battle, over very unreal bio-survival concerns! Could it not all be just as the very famous "Black Sabbath" song sings: "Making War Just For Fun!"?

Closing, I'd just like any possible Reader to take a look at 1950's America, and it's have-not postage stamp State, Arkansa, for evidence that Life may be indeed much more technologically advanced than is actually readily apparent!

Arkansa is the home of America's Number 1 Reserve Deposit of Magnetite: Magent Cove, Arkansa! A spooky and magical substance, to be sure!

In 1950's-era America, at least, the teeny-tiny State of Arkansa is being touted as the provider of at least 50% of America's total building material supply. Arkansa is not, however, being portrayed as an environmentally destroyed and totally stripped land mass! Yet for Arkansa to provide just such a huge mass of building material, I hypothesize that it would have to be just so! (similar to the way Germany used to be before environmental reforms took place, all those decades ago, now!)

But no, Arkansa is touted as, partly, a dangerous and underdeveloped jungle-swamp, filled with tropical disease!

I hypothesize that America, particularly, Magent Cove, Arkansa, is a technocratic wonderland, that has, and always will possess, a Technocracy far in advance of mere factories, building construction, or farming!

I hypothesize that Magent Cove and it's speeched body, was, and is, in full possesion of "Sub-Atomic Disintegrator/Intergrator Technology", and, that all of America, and indeed, all of Spaceship Earth, is in Safe, Clean, and Moral Hands!

God Bless Magnetite!
God Bless Intergration!
God Bless America!

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More of the Same Moral/Civil Codes of Conduct

#119 Post by Hansi Smurf » 18 Nov 2010 23:54

Y'know what Boasts & Scolds? I almost wanted to agree with you all, whilst I skimmed thru the thread here today! I wanted to agree that Hansi Smurf's banter is, and was, witless, and free of any solid Moral Values!

Not gonna happen! I just can't really disagree with the Smurf! You and your dullard and obsolete Worker/Schooler/Punisher Mass, must by the evidence, verily control the Minds of the Legislative Assemblymen, and the Monied Rich, and the Witless Entertainers, just such as BLIND GUARDIAN!

So now, everything that the Smurf believes in, post-reflection: namely Post-Industrialized Freedom, Mental Telepathy and the Accompanying Verbal Consent Free, Family-Based, Sexual-Reproduction-based, Free-Love, just won't happen, cuz of all yer worthless idiot/moron robot pathologies; ie, a providing male and a recieving female, and replete with a Church-based Marriage Certificate, that by REAL TRADITION, was OUTLAWED by the Secular West during the Reformation of the 1700's! (the Global Church is supposed to be a laughing stock, after all!)

And let me tell yah! There were quite a few older-than-me Millionaires at that last Work-based Christmas Party that I attended just a decade ago: and there, the other, more-experienced Men, all admitted, sincerely, and openly, and right in front of their very "bought and paid for wives"; that they all hated their wives! Who could disagree with them, and why? How can any defender of Paying-To-Fuck, ever win in a Fight, no matter the odds, when all of the Balls Talk-Circuits, Are All Programmed For To Fuck For Free?

Now, one looks at Hansi Smurf/God Edward, and says "Gee Whiz you are now intelligent enuff for to destroy today's wombs, and all of the male-sex bodies whom will not "aye aye" and "hear hear", today, towards "Leaving Hulk Alone", so that the Hulk (all of us Men) may without fear of constant male-based attack, Rape and Possess our own Telepathic/Empathic Mate-For-Life!

For SIX LOYAL YEARS, a Man Called Michael Edward Baker has forsaken all Male-camraderie, and expected for to be approached RIGHT HERE PUBLICALLY, by a Turned On, Tuned Out, Sex Positive, Sex-Permissive, Wombed Mate-For-Life! For the City of Winnipeg, and indeed, for the entire Global BLIND GUARDIAN community for to not have had the decency, for to, by now, have provided Michael Edward Baker, with a Free-Loving Woman of his very own, DOES AND HAS TO MEAN - REAL HOT WAR!

Remember! When dealing with Mike, Scold, you are dealing with a Man who has witnessed that the Women can all respond openly, physically and violently, to Hot Telepathic/Empathic, Unseen-By-The-Eyes, Ass-Staring! Mike's feelings of horniness in the elevators and hallways of life, are all of the proof that Mike should ever need, for to have all of thou's accomplice for to End Dating, Romance, and IQ-based inter-personality disorders - thus the beginning of an Open, Rape-based, Sexually-Reproducing Society! Mike deserves his sex-drive for to be consumated, and for not to be provided with female bi-polar disorders, once the Heart (verbal speech) enters into it!

If you are over 21, you should all expect to provide, and be provided, for free, very real, and very monogamous, cunt, ass and mouth fucking: and forever!

(And by God! Rob Halford: Just Fuck Off Already With Your Brain-Diseasing "I don't know that you mean penis and vagina sex-only" faggot-shit: you obviously, and very properly, Faggotted Idiot!)

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Re: Goodbye To Romance Pt. II

#120 Post by spamel » 19 Nov 2010 00:36

man, you need to get laid! :lol:
My mother in law is a Balrog, and I'm telling you, she has wings!

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Responding Towards Oblivion

#121 Post by Hansi Smurf » 19 Nov 2010 19:31

As Beeb strolled thru Central Park, just a year before Beeb moved in, and contemplating the place, Beeb endured that all-important Manitoba Housing Authority waiting period; Beeb there theorized that getting laid would be as easy as pie: "just look at all the High Rise-based population density!"

Unfortunately, for Beeb, Beeb's spying out of the land has shown Beeb that, generally speaking, the wombs are usually 15-20 years older, or 15-20 years younger: with the older-thans all being widows or drugs-prostitutes, and all generally well past the age of Beeb's own eye-sight based fertility! Too, all of the good-looking younger-thans, must be, by both Tradition & Medical Science, Mental Age "Girls" - all of whom are usually and justly in the company of both babies and age-group boyfriends! (That makes Beeb happy, at least! And in the opposite direction, it is still very sad for Beeb to see all the older-than wombs all driven out of their generally very far-away families!)

There is one Hispanic "Lady of the Evening" whom did respectfully approach Beeb and tease me, providing Beeb with a pleasurable 6th sense-based, "here comes an old-fashioned Hollywood-style romantic comedy" "fnord", but the Old Fashioned Gentleman in Beeb just kept seeing the infant in Boob Two's possesion, and thinking, "now just whatever happened to that ole' pal o' mine?"

Too, Beeb lives inside a very "African Immigrant Heavy" neighborhood, and thanks to giving blood, and the facts that the Canadian Blood Service won't accept African blood, even after screening, nor United Kingdom Blood, either, Beeb might add; so Beeb is justly still very wary of any would-be coitus, with any of the nigress', and especially without the tedious "Marriage Blood Test" having been positively passed, and confirmed by Beeb's own Witness!

Beeb's very disgusting and now long-ago "success" in post-marital dating, just keeps leaving Beeb bewildered! "How cum all these other chicks, all just as good Boob, some of 'em even bigger-thans, will all date Beeb and "rape Beeb", but good ole' Boob won't?"

I mean, surely Boob's own 6th sense knows that Beeb don't fart much anymore, that Beeb certainly ain't smelly, but indeed, Beeb be rather healthy and clean? (By Christmas Day, Beeb'll surely be fat-free, ripped, shredded, and muscular, after all!)

Here now, before all of Oblivon, Beeb do hereby personally swear that Beeb's spiritual/emotional/morality-based sterility, IS caused by a Self-Provided, Super-Determined, Super-Positioned, Self-Ruled AND Man Named Creator Accompliced, Divine Providence!

Beeb will personally gap-attack the entire Oblivion, removing all of the Pathologies of said Oblivion, and too, Beeb does hereby swear, that Beeb will NEVER personally endure the life of an old-fashioned "Confirmed Bachelor"!

God Himself predicts that Beeb won't see Boob again, until Boob is well into old-age, and when Beeb is still alive and screaming: and alive only just for to prove, that Beeb be, indeed, Immortal, and yea' verily, Deathless!

And what a sad day that would be!


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