The Epic Muppets\LOTR Mashup

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The Epic Muppets\LOTR Mashup

#1 Post by Sleeping Dragon » 21 Sep 2012 16:35

As promised:

The Epic MUPPETS\LOTR mashup!


Legolas: "Hey Gimli, your axe is still stuck in that orc over there."
Gimli: "Yeah, that's not my axe, that's my orc repellant."
Legolas: "But there are no more orcs around to repel."
Gimli: "Yeah, It's doing a good job, isn't it, Legolas? Hchh! Hchh! Hchh!"


Celeborn: "Tell me, my man, where is Gandalf? For I much desire to chat with the cat."


Galadriel: "All shall love me and be... groovy!"


Saruman: "Saruman LOVEEEES to play with his new best friend Sauron!"
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Re: The Epic Muppets\LOTR Mashup

#2 Post by Gandalf de Grijze » 22 Sep 2012 16:41

Also featuring Animal as Frodo, Swedish Chef as Samwise, Kermit as Aragorn, Miss Piggy as Arwen

And other awesome roles for other awesome muppets
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