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Memories Of The High Bards

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 13:58
by floidmoon
My first RPG session of D&D, third edition. I'm at place of my new acquaintance, who ask me if I want to see what RPG games are. I listen to numerous explanations, confused and excited at the same time. Out of sudden my ear grabs a pleasant sound, causing me to instantly stop listening. While I sit there, I feel as my music taste sends all probes it has to explore this phenomenon. I didn't knew, it was beginning of my 21 years long journey with music, able to satisfy 95% of my taste.

Whats amazing about this? I was 5.

Don't worry, I wont describe all of this 21 years here.

So it started with "Born in a Morning Hall" song, and since that time (it was 1992) I fallowed BG music. By the release of "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" I was 11 and already new how to play most of BG songs on guitar. It turned out, that each new released album was set of my favorite songs, without any exception. And mind that, as a musician I was never typical fan, I just loved the High Bards music, as with my friends we started to call BG.
Night At The Opera was shock for me, but later on only made my love for BG music deeper. When Thomen left the band I was almost sure it's over, but what Fredrik did on "A Twist in the Myth" album was great.

But I promised, I won't tell ya all 21 years story, right?

95% of my taste, remember it, ok?

Unfortunately my story has grim end, cuz as I turn the last page something unpleasant grabs my throat, rendering me unable to listen all songs (except for the fist one) on the "At the Edge of Time" album. Why, you ask? That's the problem, I don't know! Half of track, that's as far as I can go, and then I fall under the pressure of feeling that it is not the High Bards I'am listing to, but someone, who tries to play (as an actor) as them, who pretends their music! I hear Hansi's amazing voice, I can recognize Markus and Andre playing style, and say good words about Fredrik's play, but I can't feel Blind Guardian in it. And the best thing is that I love new sounds... I feel as if someone else composed each part of song, and than just put them together.

I love to see BG develooping! I think that's mainly reason why they didnt shared fate of many bands, struggled to stick to one thing they came up on the beginning of their journey.

So what happened?
(it's not a troll question, I believe in conversation)

And am I only one feeling the same?

Re: Memories Of The High Bards

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 16:21
by wade-newb
Don't overthink this. I did, and it made me go through the same thing you're going through. If a song from ATEOT started (playing on shuffle) I would try hyper-focus on it and think about the music. Then I started to dislike most of the album. Now I just listen, and every song kicks ass. I found myself unknowingly headbanging to Tanelorn while doing my homework :D
In short, the music's still good. If you don't like it, you don't like it. If you do, you do. Don't think about it any more than that.

Re: Memories Of The High Bards

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 17:37
by floidmoon
good suggestion, thx, that's something to start width, anyone else??

Re: Memories Of The High Bards

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 01:07
by Gandalf de Grijze
Can't say I agree, for me the last album had some of the best stuff i heard in a long time! Both the melodies as the lyrics were so fucking brilliant that I can only consider the bards as their creators, simply because there is no other band , to my knowledge, that creates such a style of music.

For me, the BG sound is very strongly present, probably even more than on the previous two records (ATITM & ANATO), and that is why I really adore this album from start to end.

Re: Memories Of The High Bards

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 17:19
by floidmoon
But I think I found source of my confusion :D When I was listening to some old big band jezz bands I turned on equalizer and dropped low tones a little bit. When I switch to bg list and it got to newest album I noticed that it feels great, and after comparing how it sounds with and without eq I got it! One of great things I always loved about bg was Thomen twin set in back of his drum set. I could hear it, but it wasn't so loud as on ATEOT. One our later I finished eq setting fixing it for me. I know that's not something every band would like to hear from theirs fan, but it works :).