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Can you hear the compressed ones?

Posted: 06 Jun 2015 14:26
by Traveller in Time ... io-quality

Nice quiz and i am honest i had 1 point.... although using quite good headphones and a special audio card for pc (asus xonar)
But maybe it's because of the samples, i prefer metal ;)

Re: Can you hear the compressed ones?

Posted: 11 Jun 2015 15:15
by Max
Hey there,

I got 6/6 - I am really surprised (I bet I would not choose the same on a second try).
The hardest were JayZ (computer sound) and Suzann Vega (voice only).
With many instruments you can hear the lack of sonority/resonance (dont know which word is the best to use in English) by the compressed samples.

I used the "audio out" of laptop plugged in into a "aux in" from a radio with low volume.

Very interesting though is the idea of starting a streaming service with HQ. But I think, if you do not listen at home - there is no need for it (because of the noise outside).
Though, if you are at home and take your time to listen to the music (in order to hear the difference), would you listen to a stream (which can always lack in quality because of packet loss (udp), buffer, jitter, etc...) or stay with your cd/lp or whatever...?

Re: Can you hear the compressed ones?

Posted: 29 Aug 2016 06:06
by Led Guardian
I got 5/6, but this just confirms my opinion that it doesn't really matter. If I weren't really paying close attention, I think the first voice only track is the only one I'd really notice. Funny you picked that out as one of the most difficult. The moment the uncompressed one started I was positive that was it. I agree about the Jay Z one though, that's the one I missed.

Sonority was also one of the things I listened for, and how I picked the classical. Coldplay it seemed like compression clipped a little off the high hat or whatever, and the echoey part in the middle of the Katy Perry song just sounded a little... deeper in the uncompressed version. So just little things, and only because I was comparing side by side and repeating tracks.