Nevermore - Bittersweet Feast

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Nevermore - Bittersweet Feast

#1 Post by Baby_Kürsch » 03 Oct 2010 05:46

SO! This Godless Endeavor has got to be one of my favorite albums in Nevermores catalog with the exception of Bittersweet Feast. Ive always disliked this song because I could never really figure out what he was talking about. So I was listening to the album this morning, while getting ready for work, and finally it struck me! I dont see how I missed it before this seeing as I spun this cd over and over again while listening on head phones. HE TALKING ABOUT CHRISTIANITY!! MAN!! Why didn't I see this before!!! :oops:
wade-newb wrote:It was just me, Blind Guardian, and a whole lotta awkward D:

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