The KrotchRaut Thread (Again)

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The KrotchRaut Thread (Again)

#1 Post by Zook » 13 Apr 2011 21:33

Yes, it's me again, promoting your favorite Plague Metal Band, KrotchRaut. First of all, I don't post here much although Blind Guardian is one of my favorite bands. Maybe that will change. I do lurk here a lot though. Second, since the first KrotchRaut thread was such a success, I just had to create another one (in the right sub-forum this time). The reactions were pretty typical before. The usual, "what is this I don't even" and stuff. I don't know what everyone's opinion on Death Metal and Black Metal is, but a few years ago, I hated it. It sounded like shit to me. Most still does. Then we made KrotchRaut, who's sole existence was to make fun of the genre for our own enjoyment. Then we introduced it to the world wide web, and no one cared, everyone hated it, thought we sucked (because we do), but since our "comedy" was all our own inside jokes, well, yeah. I'd like to start with the serious, but still keep it goofyish, if that makes sense. I think we sound pretty metal lol. And I listen to some stuff with death growls and think it's pretty cool sounding. I still prefer clean singing 1000% more though.

So anyway, we made a forum the other day, and it would be cool if some of you could sign up, and give us some pointers and suggestions, and ideas and stuff. Lyrical ideas are always a tough one, and that's why it would be cool to get some ideas from all of you. Plus there are other sub-forums to talk about other shit. But really, the big question you must be asking is, "who the fuck cares?" I'd like to keep this monster going, and the more we make this stuff, and the more my brother plays and practices guitar, and the more I learn how to make cool drums and shit, the better we can become. We know we sound bad, regardless of us not being talented, it's mainly the recording quality. Can't expect much from crappy equipment.

So, thanks if you read this. It's always nice to have support, some actual good feedback and whatnot. I don't know any of you that well at all, but since I've been lurking for a few years, I've gotten the impression that this forum and the members in are all cool guys and doesn't afraid of anything. :D

Sincerely, the most brutal band in the world,


PS: I recently discovered Into Eternity, and think they're pretty bad ass. If you take away the clean singing, you pretty much have what KrotchRaut wants to be.

EDIT: I forgot the damn link :lol:

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