A Twist In The Myth – 2008

A Twist In The Myth

It’s no secret that not everybody agreed with the direction Blind Guardian took with „A Night At The Opera“. Even founding member, drummer Thomen Stauch, decided to leave the band after disagreements surrounding the musical direction of the band. Yet, in hindsight, both “A Night At The Opera” and the follow-up “A Twist In the Myth” proved important cornerstones for reassessing and reevaluating a career that had been going on for almost 20 years. Thus, “A Twist In The Myth” is something like the antithesis to the theatrical “A Night At The Opera”, focusing on heavy, fast-paced and direct songs. Audibly lighter, more accessible and recorded with half the tracks they used for the predecessor, Blind Guardian rediscovered their roots while at the same time looking for new ways to unite yesterday, today and tomorrow. Only after releasing “A Night At The Opera” and “A Twist In The Myth” were they able to pull off a grandiose masterpiece like they were about to do with their next record.

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