André Olbrich

André was born on May 3rd, 1967 in Düsseldorf. The first years of his life he lived in the heart of Düsseldorf, the so called „Altstadt“, which is the old part of the city. Later on, his family moved to Krefeld, where he lived in the center of the city and also attended school.

Strongly influenced by the good taste of his mom’s record collection, which contained albums from Deep Purple, the Rolling Stones, the Who, the Doors, Santana and of course almost everybody that played Woodstock, he was interested in music from a very early age. In 1979, at the age of 12, he bought his first record, which was the KISS „Double Platinum“ album, and immediately became a huge fan of the band. From that moment on all his money was invested in KISS albums and all the walls in his bedroom were filled with KISS posters.

Ace Frehley became a big idol and inspired André to become a lead guitar player. By luck (or was it fate) he found a broken guitar in the neighbor’s trash, repaired it and started to learn his first riffs. When his mom saw his interest, she luckily encouraged it by paying for some guitar lessons and, later on, a better guitar.

Still 12 years old, practicing guitar became part of his daily routine and the passion for music grew constantly. At the age of 15 the urge to form his own band was already there, but beside a friend who could play the drums a little, there were no other musicians to be found. He joined the school band for a while, where he met Marcus Dörk for the first time. With 16 they started to build their first rehearsal room in his mom’s house and managed to find a drummer named Hans Peter Frey. With 17 André made a new friend in school, Hansi Kürsch. Soon after this the band was named „Lucifer‘s Heritage“ and the rest is history.

Since his first brand name guitar was a Fender Stratocaster, he always loved to play „Strat“ models. As you can see from the guitars he plays, his favorite colors are black and red. The full guitar sound is created with an Engl „Special Edition“ amp. Even though he is playing a Kemper in the live shows, he is still a fan of tube sounds. Of course, you’ll always find a wah wah pedal in his case, which is usually a Cry Baby.

In 2004 André got married. His first son, Alexander, was born in 2005 and his second son, Nicolas, in 2011. Ever since his childhood, he loves to have cats around and over the last few years has developed an interest in aquariums. He still lives in Krefeld, but also loves to spend time in Florida. When he is not working on new songs in his home studio, he loves to play video and computer games. In 2005 he found his love for RPGMMO’s. Since then he is playing „World of Warcraft“, „Elder Scrolls Online“ or „Final Fantasy XIV“ on a regular basis.

Videos games are usually accompanied by a good coffee, which is his favorite drink. He also likes to cook, mostly spicy cuisine like Mexican, Thai or Indian. When it comes to drinks he prefers a good wine. Another of his passions is photography. Whenever the band is on tour, he takes little trips and tries to find interesting scenes. His interest in art of all kinds in general is very high. His philosophy behind doing music is to be innovative and always search for something new. One of his life goals is to stay healthy and keep on doing metal music, even at a very high age.