At The Edge Of Time – 2010

At The Edge Of Time

In 2010, Blind Guardian not only stood at the edge of time. As every other band, they stood at the very edge of their craft: Music industry was plummeting down a downward spiral, resulting in dramatically dropping record sales around the globe. Yet, as the bards prove on their momentous ninth record “At The Edge Of Time”, quality, passion and heartfelt work will always prevail. Reaching number two in the German charts and even climbing to the top of the Billboard Heartseekers chart in the USA, the follow-up to their daringly modern, direct “A Twist In The Myth” quickly became one of the most beloved Blind Guardian releases ever. And no wonder: Carefully balancing sheer metal dominance with epic orchestration courtesy of the Prague philharmonic orchestra, choirs and progressive depth, the bards expertly steer through their very own fantasy. They do what they do best, tell their epic stories of war and peace, of life and death, evoking a tingling sensation reminiscent of “Imaginations From The Other Side” while at the same time breaking new ground in the cunningly crafted marriage of progressive splendor and anthemic grandeur. Never too much on the orchestral side, never giving in to cheap cliché, “At The Edge Of Time” achieves a perfect equilibrium between metal and orchestra, between complexity and entertainment. The groundwork for what would become the grande finale of their third era was laid.

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