The tales say …

… a dark dragon was confined and sealed under the well of Dragon Rock and his last words were:
“There is another world far out of nowhere. Out of the dark, back to the light, then I’ll break down the walls around my heart. Jump through the mirror, leave fear behind. Many times I terrorized this town, many times and here I start again. Returning is my destiny.”
And that time has come. Again.

Bards, work together to protect the world from an invading dragon gradually crawling out of a shaft! 🐉 Fight crucial enemies and use items originating from our songs! The one item that every Blind Guardian board game fan needs to have 🎲 – from the mind of Frederik Ehmke in partnership with Scribabs Boardgames!

The story

The dark breath of the dragon creeps down through the shaft finding pleasure in our helpless fear, profaning the Realm of Imagination and tainting our world. Then corrupted creatures summoned from the tales are now ready to set free the dragon! The mirror has been broken and the breath of the dragon is stronger, more than ever …
The Blind Guardian, protector of the Realms of Imaginations, gathered four brave heroes:
the Minstrel, the Blacksmith, the Spellcaster and the Warden, to prevent the dark dragon’s return.
Lead the heroes to find the mirror shards that will bring the Blind Guardian and the heroes back to reality and once again imprison the dark dragon coming from the other side.

The game

From the other side” is a full cooperative game – to be even more precise: a high-replayable cooperative adventure dungeon crawler! You can play this board game with your best bard and with up to four friends. The estimated playing time is 60-90 minutes.

The board game is NOW available for pre-order – the official release will be in October. Pre-order now for a chance to get additional gifts. Take a look at the website to see what awaits you there!