Live – 2003


In 2002 and 2003, Blind Guardian undertook yet another extensive tour around the globe. To capture the unique chemistry the bards share with their battalions of fans around the world, they decided to not only focus on one specific gig as they did on their by now legendary “Tokyo Tales” ambush; instead, they embraced the diversity and multinational background of their legions and recorded the simply “Live” titled record in Tokyo, Stockholm, Lichtenfels, Venice, Dusseldorf, Milan, Florence, Barcelona, San Sebastián, Avilés, Madrid, Granada, Valencia, Bremen, Moscow, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart. A monument to the lasting bond between band and audience, Blind Guardian offer a spectacular and crowd-pleasing selection of some of their most popular songs up till “A Night At The Opera”. Well over two hours long, touching upon every album, leaving no classic unheard, “Live” is a marvelously curated monument and a dream setlist come true for every Blind Guardian fan.

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