Live Beyond The Spheres – 2017

Live Beyond The Spheres

Regarding live renditions of Blind Guardian’s impressive back catalogue, it has in recent years become quite the challenge to convincingly bring all the different eras under one roof. After more than 30 years it’s increasingly obvious that songs from the eighties and early nineties sound considerably different from the colossal anthems the bards blessed their fans with on 2015’s ambitious and breathtaking “Beyond The Red Mirror”. The tour promoting the album is living proof of that intense tightrope walk and at the same time a brilliant solution to this conundrum. Even more so than on their previous live records, “Live Beyond The Spheres” is all about embracing versatility and staging the band as a many-headed hydra pulling off their latest works with the same intensity and youthful vigour as their ever radiating smashers “Banish From Sanctuary”, “Lost In The Twilight Hall” or the rarely played and all the more cherished “The Last Candle”. Recorded on their extensive European tour in 2015, this live album is all the evidence you need for the fact that a band is only as strong as their fans. Which in this case means absolutely unbeatable.

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