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A coffee that has never been seen before! Roasted like no coffee has ever been roasted before. The Blind Guardian Espresso is here!

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Blind Guardian worked with 19grams Berlin to develop a coffee that really makes a splash and lives up to the name of espresso.

Beforehand, we had an intensive discussion about what makes a good coffee. It is important to Blind Guardian and 19grams,

as the roasters, that the coffee not only tastes great, but that it is also produced responsibly. That’s why we chose a specialty

coffee where the origin is clear, where the farmers are paid fairly and where the soil is not depleted. And here it is: the Majesty Roast.

The Bourbon Beans have been sourced from India and bring flavours of chocolate, hazelnut, almond and spices to your cup, which

gives the coffee the taste and the kick that you expect from a brilliant espresso. Crafted like a long guitar solo, roasted with skill

and perseverance, this espresso is now your perfect start to the day, an after-dinner treat or a little kick whenever you want.

Packaging Design by Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau