Memories Of A Time To Come – 2012

Memories Of A Time To Come

For their second compilation album after 1996‘s ingenious “The Forgotten Tales” Blind Guardian take an altogether different approach. Uniting remixed high points of their first nine studio efforts, entirely re-recorded versions of perennial fan-classics like “Valhalla” or the immortal “The Bard’s Song” and tons of rare demo recordings from their earliest beginning deep in the eighties, the long overdue “Memories Of A Time To Come” is a far cry from your usual best-of sampler. Coming after the huge success of their ninth studio record “At The Edge Of Time” which was climbing to unknown heights on both the German and US charts, it gave the fans some new material to dwell on, shortened the wait until their next studio album and introduced a whole new generation of metalheads to their unique and spellbinding universe.

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