The Forgotten Tales – 1995

The Forgotten Tales

After having been skyrocketed into the heavy metal stratosphere with the triumphant “Imaginations From The Other Side”, Blind Guardian one year later decide to go fully bonkers. With a move both bold and ingenuous, they present “The Forgotten Tales”, their very own tribute to some of rock music’s greatest classics. Albeit somewhat unexpected, their cheeky speed metal take on beloved gems like “Mister Sandman”, “Surfin U.S.A.” or “To France” proved to be a refreshing break from their routine for band and fans alike. Intermixed with special versions of some of their previous highlights, Blind Guardian showed the world that you can pull off monumental concept albums while at the same time having huge fun blasting some old school rock history. So much fun, indeed, that they expanded their 2007 remastered version of the original album with some more gems like Deep Purple’s “Hallelujah” or “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, courtesy of almighty Dio.

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