The poll is open!

We’ve seen all submissions and now we’re entering the final round of the Imagination Song Contest.

And this is your time to shine – between the 24.02.2021 and 06.03.2021 you get to decide who are the winners of each group.

To get to the poll follow the Link: The Imaginations Song Contest Poll

You’ll have one vote for each of the three groups. Choose wisely!

After the poll we’re going to announce the final winner of the contest. Stay tuned!


  • You will get to send us an original song of yourself or your band and we will promote it via our social media channels.
  • You will get the chance to have an online meet and greet with us. When corona is over and we’ll be able to tour again you get to choose one of our shows and meet us in real life!
  • We also have some awesome T-Shirts, Backstage Passes and Certificates!

Disclaimer: This competition is not affiliated with Facebook and is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or organized by Facebook. Travel costs to the concerts must be covered by yourself.