Tokyo Tales – 1993

Tokyo Tales

A foray into unknown territory was obligatory after “Somewhere Far Beyond” climbed to the very top of the official Japanese album charts. Thus, the band embarked on their very first Japan tour in winter 1992, delivering an unforgettable show at Koseinenkin Hall in Tokyo on the eve December 4th. This adventure is immortalized on “Toyko Tales”, the explosive first live album of the bards, released only a couple of months after their historic tour. In front of an audience going absolutely mental, Blind Guardian storm through the peaks of their early years, delivering fast-paced, massive and straight-forward renditions of long-since classics like “Banish From Sanctuary”, “The Quest for Tanelorn”, “Majesty”, “Valhalla” or Welcome To Dying”. The ecstatic crowd, the brutally sharp production and the band’s unleashed performance all make “Tokyo Tales” an absolute beast of a live album. You can literally feel the fun Blind Guardian had while playing this one.

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