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Pre-order start for the re-issued back catalog (2CD-digi and vinyl)

Posted on Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Blind Guardian CD and vinyl re-issuesOn September 14th 2018, Germany-based progressive power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN will re-release their first 4 studio albums via Nuclear Blast! The back catalog has been remixed and remastered, and will be available as 2CD-Digi and black vinyl formats, as well as individual colored vinyl for each album. There will also be a vinyl box available, including all re-issues exclusively available via the Nuclear Blast Mailorder (see details below). The vinyl box can be also purchased separately as an empty slipcase without vinyls.

At the end of this year and also in early 2019, more re-issues are due to follow, so in total there will be 10 BLIND GUARDIAN re-releases. The previously mentioned re-issues due for 14th September 2018, which can be pre-ordered now, are available in the following formats:

1. Battalions Of Fear (1988), remixed 2007/remastered 2018

  • 2CD-DIGI (remixed/remastered CD+original CD)
  • Black LP in gatefold
  • NB MAILORDER ONLY violet LP in gatefold

Track list:

  1. Majesty
  2. Guardian Of The Blind
  3. Trial By The Archon
  4. Wizard‘s Crown
  5. Run For The Night
  6. The Martyr
  7. Battalions Of Fear
  8. By The Gates Of Moria
  9. Gandalf‘s Rebirth

2. Follow The Blind (1989), remixed 2007/remastered 2011

  • 2CD-DIGI (remixed/remastered CD+original CD)
  • Black LP in gatefold
  • NB MAILORDER ONLY green LP in gatefold

Track list:

  1. Inquisition
  2. Banish From Sanctuary
  3. Damned For All Time
  4. Follow The Blind
  5. Hall Of The King
  6. Fast To Madness
  7. Beyond The Ice
  8. Valhalla
  9. Don‘t Break The Circle
  10. Barbara Ann

3. Tales From The Twilight World (1990), remixed 2012/remastered 2018

  • 2CD-DIGI (remixed/remastered CD+original CD)
  • black LP in gatefold
  • NB MAILORDER ONLY gold LP in gatefold

Track list:

  1. Traveler In Time
  2. Welcome To Dying
  3. Weird Dreams
  4. Lord Of The Rings
  5. Goodbye My Friend
  6. Lost In The Twilight Hall
  7. Tommyknockers
  8. Altair 4
  9. The Last Candle
  10. Run For The Night (live)

4. Somewhere Far Beyond (1992), remixed 2012/remastered 2018

  • 2CD-DIGI (remixed/remastered CD+original CD)
  • Black LP in gatefold
  • NB MAILORDER ONLY blue LP in gatefold

Track list:

  1. Time What Is Time
  2. Journey Through The Dark
  3. Black Chamber
  4. Theatre Of Pain
  5. The Quest For Tanelorn
  6. Ashes To Ashes
  7. The Bard‘s Song – In The Forest
  8. The Bard‘s Song – The Hobbit
  9. The Piper‘s Calling
  10. Somewhere Far Beyond
  11. Spread Your Wings (not on vinyl/only on CD)
  12. Trial By Fire (not on vinyl/only on CD)
  13. Theatre Of Pain (classic version) (not on vinyl/only on CD)


  • BOX 1: slipcase incl. 4 gatefold vinyl: »BoF« LP (orange+white splatter), »FtB« LP (blue+neon yellow splatter), »TftTW« LP (white/grey bi-coloured), »SFB« LP (white/red bi-coloured) – offers space for 10 vinyl in total (-> also for the upcoming BLIND GUARDIAN re-issues)
  • BOX 2: empty slipcase – offers space for 10 vinyls in total

They are all available for pre-order now here:

“Twilight of the Gods” live video

Posted on Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Live Beyond the Spheres is fast approaching and we’d like to show you the “Twilight of the Gods”.

Check out the “Prophecies” live video

Posted on Friday, June 9th, 2017

Check out “Prophecies” from our upcoming live album, Live Beyond the Spheres. Details on how to order the new album are shown on the video’s info section.

“Mirror Mirror” live video released and “Live Beyond the Spheres” pre-order links active

Posted on Friday, May 26th, 2017

Krefeld, Germany-based progressive power metallers Blind Guardian announced the release of their first live record in 14 years just a few weeks ago. Guitarist André Olbrich reveals why the time has come for Live Beyond The Spheres: (more…)

“Live Beyond the Spheres” 3CD/4LP to be released on July 7th

Posted on Monday, May 8th, 2017

Live Beyond the SpheresThere’s big news for Blind Guardian: the progressive power metal pioneers announce the release of a new 3-CD package entitled, Live Beyond the Spheres! This will include material recorded from various shows during the European tour leg in 2015, among old classics, new tracks as well as songs that are played very rarely during live shows.

Vocalist Hansi Kürsch speaks about the difficulties to create such an ambitious album: “In general I would say that we’ve had a really good run on this tour and that nearly every show was perfect. But, at the end of the day, after every band member has checked each and every song and concert of those 30 shows again and again, there were only like two or three versions of each song being suitable to be used for an album. We then had to decide between those last remaining versions, which would have been the most impressive one. This was a nearly endless task!” (more…)

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